Top 5 expected features and upgrades of Mi Band 5

In today’s write up, we will talk about Best Xiaomi Mi Band 5 features and upgrades we expect it will have.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been eagerly awaited after its predecessor Mi Band 4 has gained so much popularity and tenderness by the users.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 amazed us with its features like watch faces and cheap price, Mi Band 5 is also expected to impress us with its nifty features and upgrades.

Huami Information Technology which manufactures Mi Band for Xiaomi inc. has confirmed in a QnA that Mi Band 5 is in works.

It is expected to feature a bigger 1.2″ display and global NFC support as informed by the online sources.

Mi Band 4 was launched in June 2019 in China and in September in India. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is also expected to release in mid-2020 in China but the COVID-19 pandemic can cause a little delay in its release date in India.

It is expected to release during late September in India.

It will be priced a little higher from Mi Band 4 as a result of upgraded features.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price in India would be around INR 2499 according to the rumors.


  • Huami has Confirmed Mi Band 5 is in works
  • Price: Around CNY 179 ($25 and Rs.1900 approx)
  • Launch Date: Mid-2020 in china and later September in India

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Mi Band 5 Features and Upgrades we expect

Below mentioned Mi Band 5 features and upgrades are not official and are collected from network sources.

1. Bigger Display

Mi band 5 will feature a 1.2″ color AMOLED display which is 26 percent bigger from its predecessor Mi Band 4.

With an increase in size, there also will be an increase in screen resolution which will result in better contrast and viewing angles.

It will have higher brightness capability which will result in better screen visibility in the daylight.

2. Global NFC Support

Xiaomi also launched an NFC version of Mi Band 4 but only in china with a price tag of 209 Yuan.

Mi Band 5 will have global NFC support.

Yes! you heard it right.

Mi band 5 will support NFC globally so you can make payments on the move with your Mi band.

Mi Band 4 NFC version only supported a single online payment platform named Ali pay which can be only accessed in China.

Now Xiaomi may look forward to expanding NFC support by introducing support for more payment apps.

It may support Google Pay in India.

3. AI Assistant Support

Mi Band 4 also has an AI assistant named “Xiao AI” which is only supported in the NFC version which also means it only works in china.

Although Xiao AI can’t speak, users can read the information displayed by swiping the screen.

Mi Band 5 will contain a microphone so users will be able to command it to turn on/off the light and fan.

It is Expected that Mi Band 5 will have global AI assistant support. Xiaomi may look forward to integrating with other AI assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Finger crossed, it may support Google Assistant in India with more features and functionality.

4. Bigger Battery

Mi Smart Band 5 will have a bigger battery form its previous version Mi Band 4 which had a 135 mAh battery.

Of course, It will pack a bigger battery so that upgrades don’t affect the battery life. According to rumors, it will contain a battery capacity of around 200 mAh.

The tracker may include USB Type-A charger like in the recently launched Redmi Band which is priced at CNY 99 (around INR 1100).

5. GPS Support

Mi Smart Band 5 may have GPS onboard which will make navigation easy for the users.

In Mi Band 4, users must have to connect the band with the fitness app via Bluetooth to access their run data. But with the help of GPS, Mi Band 5 users will be able to access their data without connecting the fitness tracker.

Pro feature: Users would be able to find the exact location of the tracker with ease in case the tracker gets misplaced or lost.


Xiaomi Mi band 5 is expected to continue the legacy of its predecessors of being the best cheapest fitness tracker in the price range.

If Mi Band 5 will come with the above features like Global NFC, GPS, and more, it will be considered better than those costly smartwatches offered by the competition.

Considering the cheap pricing, Xiaomi can launch two variants of Mi Band 5 – NFC and without NFC (both globally).

Tell me which features and upgrades you liked the most?

See you in the next one. Peace Out!

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