Stock Pro – Best Stock Market Training Academy In India?

“Investing in securities market are subject to market risk, read all the related documents carefully before investing.”

You must have heard this tagline at end of every stock market-related advertisement. Why? Because most of the time, people end up losing their capital in the stock market, and most of them are retail investors.

Why small or retail investors are among those who lose money in the stock market the most?

Lack of knowledge! The stock market is not a thing that you can learn after watching a few YouTube stock market channels, it requires a lot of knowledge and experience. To become an expert in a stock market is not less than being a postgraduate in a field. So, you need proper knowledge to trade and earn profits in the stock market.

Stock Pro Online Academy

Established in 2003, Stock Pro is an ISO-certified online stock market training academy in India, renowned for its stock market trading courses.

Stock Pro is directed by Dr. Seema Jain (Ph.D. IIT Delhi), a SEBI registered analyst with experience of 15+ years in the stock market, you must have seen her sharing her expertise on popular business televisions like Zee Business and CNBC Awaaz. She also regularly shares her expertise and investment calls on her Twitter handle.

They comprise a dedicated team of professional stock market analysts and researchers like Seema Jain who teach and share their expertise with their students. They dominate for their specialty in ‘Technical Analysis’ which is considered the most important skill in the stock market arena.

As of now, 10K+ members have joined them and learning to trade in the stock market.

Stock Pro Online Training Courses

Stock Pro Online Master Traders Course

As of now, they have provided 4 stock market training courses to enroll in, mentioned as follows:

  • All-in-one Trading Course – This course consists of 50 video lessons and each lesson is pretty huge, and it might take 2-3 months to complete the course entirely. Everything is included in the course like intraday, positional trade, futures, options, hedging, etc. It doesn’t include live sessions, so it can be a great course for you if you’re a busy person and can’t attend the live sessions at rigid timings.
  • Market Profile Combo Course – It’s a live training course not like the all-in-one course. It consists of huge coursework including technical and fundamental analysis. Stock Pro’s director – Dr. Seema Jain, and other specialist researchers will teach you in the live sessions and it will take 6-8 weeks to complete the course.
  • Smart Money Multiplier Course – It’s also a live stock market training course by Stock Pro. It consists of 7 large modules, and each module will take 1-2 weeks to complete. This course focuses on Risk management, money management, and trade management.
  • Master Trading Course – Stock Pro team has recently announced this course. It consists of live classes that will take 8-9 weeks to complete. It’s a combo of all the courses mentioned above. They say you will get at least 20 live trading sessions with the experts.

So, this was a basic summary of the courses. In addition, below are some important things to note that they say or claim:

  1. Recover much more than the fees paid for the courses within the training period.
  2. You can repeat the course once in the next 6 months.
  3. 6 months of live support.
  4. Access to their premium groups
  5. EMI payment option is also available.
  6. Flexible timings after office hours.

Stock Pro Official Telegram Channel

In the stock market arena, Telegram channels have become the prominent platform for stock market experts to share their tips and calls with their audience.

Stock Pro Official Telegram Channel

Stock Pro also has an Official Telegram Channel where they share:

  • Free intraday calls daily.
  • Daily 1-2 sure shot unidirectional trades that don’t hit stop loss.
  • Free live training webinars.
  • Expert stock market tips.
  • Regular stock market updates.


The best way to know if something is good for you or not is to – ask the people who have experienced it. Only reviews by people who have experienced something can show you the real image of it.

Stock Pro has a lot of good reviews for their courses on their site, ranging between 4 to 5 stars. But you might be thinking that what if Stock Pro has manipulated the reviews on its site?

To clear your wrong perception, I will suggest you check out reviews about Stock Pro on Quora. Quora is an online community of 100% genuine people who answer each other’s questions and share their real opinions about something.

I also looked at Stock Pro reviews on Quora, and most of the people were talking positively about Stock Pro and were recommending others to join the course.

So undoubtedly, Stock Pro is one of the best online stock market trading academies that you should go for if you want to enhance your trading knowledge.

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