Top 8 Telegram Channels For Positional Trading [For 2023]

You search “stock market or trading” in Telegram and get a long list of channels and groups.

Are these channels any good? Which Telegram channel is best for stock market trading? How to know if a stock market Telegram channel is good? Do they provide free stock market tips and calls?

There are a lot of stock market channels and groups on Telegram indeed. But, most of them are just running their stock advisory business, making it harder for you to identify the good ones.

That’s why I have curated a list of some best Telegram channels for stock market trading in India. Along with the name and link to channels, you’ll also get to know whether a channel provides intraday calls, option calls, paid services, and customer support or not, helping you make a better decision.

TradeOnomics (Trade with RS)

One of the best Telegram channels for options trading that you may not discover by mere searching on Telegram. TradOnomics comprise a dedicated team of professionals who provide expert options calls for free along with paid plans.

Unlike most Telegram channels, they provide free positional calls with proper targets and stop-loss. Along with stock options, they trade in indices like Banknifty and Nifty50 as well.

You can also find them on Instagram providing great tips and learning to their followers.

  • Services: Equity and Indices Options Trading, Positional Trading
  • Both Free and Paid services
  • Dedicated support on Telegram
  • Not SEBI-registered

Usha’s Analysis

Backed by a team of specialized professionals, Usha’s Analysis is a renowned stock advisory firm that also provides free stock marketing learning to people through its Telegram channel.

Being professional stock advisors, they’ve divided their services into various plans to fulfill both the short-term and long-term trading and investment needs of their advisors.

  • Services: Various plans including short-term trading and long-term investments
  • Both Free and Paid Services
  • Not SEBI-registered
  • Dedicated support over Telegram

Bulls Bears Traders [NISM Certified]

A channel run by the Bulls Bears Traders Team is one of the most popular Telegram Channels in the stock options and BankNifty trading space.

Along with providing futures and options intraday tips and positional services to hundreds of their paid subscribers, they also provide free calls to around 20 thousand of their subscribers on their free stock market Telegram channel.

  • Services: Intraday and Positional Options Calls
  • NISM Certified Analyst
  • Free calls on Telegram Channel
  • Paid services and support is available

Shree Tech Analysis

Shree Tech Analysis is one of the best stock market advisors in India. They provide a wide range of services serving the needs of intraday and BTST traders.

Along with providing option calls, they also provide various options trading strategies on their Telegram channel. They are also known for their prompt customer support.

  • Services: Options Trading, Calls, and Strategies
  • Both Free and Paid services
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Not SEBI-registered

Disciplined Trading

“Disciplined Trading” is another best positional trading group on Telegram that provides financial services to both traders and investors.

They are known for their sure-shot Intraday stock calls and have high accuracy compared to similar stock market telegram groups.

They give regular calls on BankNifty, Index Options, Equity Cash, and Swing Trades with an estimated accuracy of over 95%.

NRJ Finance

Neeraj Dixit, the admin of Nrj Finance is an expert stock market analyst.

Applying his years of experience and knowledge of trading in the stock market, he provides stock market trading advice to thousands of people through various channels – Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube as well.

Despite not being a SEBI-registered investment advisor, he is well-versed in applying his technical analysis on stocks, reading stock charts, and providing expert tips and calls.

  • Services: Stock Intraday, Positional Trading, Futures & Options Calls
  • Both Free and Paid services
  • Not SEBI-registered
  • Customer assistance over WhatsApp

Bank Nifty Masters 🔥

Bank Nifty Masters or Nifty FnO official is one of the reliable Intraday stock tips providers. The best thing about them is – Unlike other intraday Telegram groups, they provide multiple trading tips for free and don’t focus on paid services too much.

They are well-liked by their members because of the good and consistent returns provided by them, they often give calls with big targets.

Along with trading in Index (Bank Nifty and Nifty Options), they also frequently trade in stock options that mostly result in good profits.

  • Services: Bank Nifty, Nifty, and Stock Options Trading
  • Free and paid services
  • Daily chart analysis

Eqwires Research Analyst

Eqwires is a multinational stock advisory, providing stock market advice in over 35 countries including Australia, the USA, and India.

Being a top-notch SEBI-registered advisor, Eqwires research not only serves many HNIs but also takes care of the financial advisory needs of small retail traders and stock market beginners.

You can join their official Telegram channel to have regular share market expert tips and updates.

  • Services: All advisory services (including portfolio management, short-term & long-term financial advice)
  • SEBI-registered Analyst
  • Both Free and Paid Services
  • Customer support over Email and Phone

The above channels are way better than the channels/groups you’ll get to see in Telegram search, that just focus on selling paid services to people rather than providing good financial advice and learning.

And if you want to see more best channels, check out our dedicated post on the best telegram channels for stock market India:

How to Know if a Telegram Channel is Fake?

Now, you must have got to know some great Telegram channels/groups related to the Indian stock market.

But still, you should be able to differentiate between good and bad trading channels.

That’s why I am telling you some secret tips that will allow you to judge and identify a good Telegram channel:

  • Look at the number of views and engagement rate rather than the no. of followers/subscribers that can be easily manipulated nowadays.
  • Good channels don’t hide failures. Everybody fails once in a while, and if you see only profits and successful calls, understand something is wrong.
  • Good admins act as mentors. Along with providing calls, they also interact with their audience and like sharing their expertise and knowledge with their followers.
  • Proper stop-loss and targets. DO NOT trade on calls without stop-loss and targets, you will end up losing your capital. Good channels provide proper stop-loss and targets.
  • Less stress on paid services. A good channel doesn’t overstress paid services. Along with minimal promotion, their primary goal is to grow and build their personal brand by sharing their expertise for free as well.

Note: Trading involves risk, contact your financial advisor before trading. This post is just for knowledge and educational purposes.

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