Top 5 SEBI-Registered Telegram Channels For Option Trading [2024]

Did you know that options trading has witnessed a 48% surge in retail participation over the past year?

Options trading is risky but you can earn a living through it if you follow the right advice! 

In this post, we’ve curated a list of 5 Best SEBI-Registered Telegram Channels For Options Trading, ensuring you receive accurate and timely insights.

From market trends to expert analyses, these channels offer a wealth of information to empower your options trading journey.

Let’s explore the channels that can elevate your options trading game!

5 Best SEBI-Registered Telegram Channels For Options Trading

Channel NameChannel Link
1. StockPro Index
2. BankNifty
3. Angel One
4. IIFL Securities
5. Sure Means
List of best and free SEBI-registered Telegram channels for options trading

1. StockPro Index Trading

Stock Pro's Options Trading Telegram Channel

Elevate your options trading journey with StockPro Index Trading, the premier SEBI-registered Telegram channel.

Led by the dynamic Seema Jain, this channel brings daily live market sessions and insightful YouTube videos to the table, ensuring traders are well-informed.

What sets it apart? Real-time market and stock analysis for a comprehensive learning experience.

StockPro stands out for its interactive education, making it an invaluable resource for traders at any level.


  • Daily live market sessions for real-time engagement.
  • Informative YouTube videos offering deep market insights.
  • Emphasis on options trading education for diverse learning.
  • Comprehensive market and stock analysis for strategic decision-making.
  • Leadership by Seema Jain, adding expertise and credibility to the community.

2. BankNifty Masters

BankNifty Masters - A SEBI-registered Telegram Channel

Unlock the mysteries of Bank Nifty with BankNifty Masters, the go-to SEBI-registered Telegram channel for options traders.

Offering 1-2 free options trading calls daily, this channel specializes in both stock and index options.

The standout features? A spam-free environment, low capital requirements, and premium services for traders seeking that extra edge.

BankNifty Masters distinguishes itself with a community-driven approach, creating a strategic and transparent trading space.


  • 1-2 free options trading calls daily for consistent insights.
  • Specialization in both stock and index options for diversity.
  • Spam-free environment, ensuring a focused trading experience.
  • Low capital requirements, making it accessible to a wide audience.
  • Premium services available for traders seeking additional advantages.

3. Angel One Advisory

Angel One's Official Stock Advisory Telegram Channel

Elevate your trading experience with Angel One Advisory, a SEBI-registered and entirely free Telegram channel for options trading.

With numerous free calls daily, each accompanied by proper stop-loss and targets, this channel prides itself on transparency and trustworthiness.

Updates on calls provided and no mandatory Angel One account make it a 100% free channel that offers a unique blend of accessibility, reliability, and expert guidance.


  • SEBI-registered and entirely free options trading channel.
  • Numerous free calls daily with proper stop-loss and targets.
  • Updates on calls provided for transparency.
  • No mandatory Angel One account, making it accessible to all.
  • A trusted channel offering reliable market insights.

4. IIFL Securities Research

IIFL Securities' Official Advisory Telegram Channel

Embark on an informed trading journey with IIFL Securities Research, a SEBI-registered Telegram channel specializing in intraday trading.

As part of the India Infoline (IIFL) family, this channel offers free intraday trading tips with real-time updates.

The standout feature? A focus on Futures & Options trading, providing practical advice and real-time market insights for traders navigating the dynamic intraday market effectively.


  • SEBI-registered channel specializing in intraday trading.
  • Free intraday trading tips with real-time updates.
  • Focus on Futures & Options trading for diverse strategies.
  • Guidance from a renowned stockbroker and advisory under India Infoline.
  • A practical and real-time approach to intraday trading.

5. Sure Means Sure

Sure Means Sure - SEBI-Registered Telegram Channel For Options Trading

Find certainty in your trades with Sure Means Sure, a genuine SEBI-registered options trading channel.

Beyond daily inspiring and motivational posts, this channel delivers free options trading calls with proper stop-loss and targets, ensuring a secure trading experience.

What sets it apart? Expertise in Bank Nifty options trading, providing live market analysis and updates for traders mastering this specific domain.


  • Genuine SEBI-registered options trading channel.
  • Daily inspiring and motivational posts for a positive trading mindset.
  • Free options trading calls with proper stop-loss and targets.
  • Expertise in Bank Nifty options trading for specialized insights.
  • Premium services available for traders seeking additional advantages.


In the ever-evolving landscape of options trading, these SEBI-registered Telegram channels stand as beacons of knowledge and guidance.

From StockPro’s dynamic education to BankNifty Masters’ community-driven insights, Angel One’s transparency, IIFL Securities’ practical approach, to Sure Means Sure’s certainty – each channel offers a unique perspective.

Navigating the complexities of options trading requires a blend of expertise and community support, and these channels deliver just that.

As you embark on your trading journey, consider these channels as valuable companions, providing not just calls but a comprehensive toolkit for informed decision-making in the thrilling world of options.

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