OnePlus Red Cable Club Offer: Free Ganna Plus Subscription


OnePlus Red Cable Club brought a lot of benefits for its members when it was launched and now it is offering Free Gaana Plus Subscription for 3 months.

We will tell you how to avail the benefit in simple and easy steps, stay tuned and read the full post.

First, let’s talk about OnePlus Red Cable Club if you haven’t heard about it yet.

OnePlus has always put great efforts to maintain the fan base by continuously bringing a lot of benefits for its users.

This Club was rolled out in December 2019 on the completion of 6 years of OnePlus with the objective to give benefit to its users.

Under Red Cable Club, OnePlus users can avail of some benefits provided by the club, which keeps on updating.

OnePlus provides many benefits to the users like free 50GB cloud storage, complimentary 1-Year extended warranty, 50% off on battery replacement and all.

Yesterday, OnePlus has brought a new benefit in which the members of the club can avail free gaana plus subscription for 3 months.

OnePlus takes good care of its users, right?

Haven’t joined the Club yet?

How to join the OnePlus Red Cable Club:

1. For models OnePlus 6 and above

  1. Update your mobile’s system to the latest version
  2. Open Settings = profile section(on the top of settings page)
  3. Login or Signup with your OnePlus account
  4. Click on Join Now or Link Phone to become a member.

2. For models OnePlus 5T to OnePlus 3

  1. Update the OnePlus Community app to the latest version.
  2. Open Community app > Go to Profile > Red Cable Club
  3. Login or signup with your OnePlus Account.
  4. Click on Join Now or Link Phone to become a member.

3. For models OnePlus 2 and below:

If you own an OnePlus 2 or below model then you have to download the OnePlus Care app.

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Who can avail of the free Gaana Plus subscription?

This offer is OnePlus Red Cable Club exclusive. You must own an OnePlus smartphone to join the club.

All the OnePlus smartphone users can join the club which means you can avail the benefits even if you are using an OnePlus One!

You can avail the offer from 17 April to 30 April.

So, Every Red Cable Club member can avail of the gaana plus subscription for 3 months.

How to avail of the free Gaana Plus subscription?


  1. An OnePlus Smartphone
  2. Red Cable club membership

Below is the easy step-by-step guide to avail the benefit:

1. Open Red Cable Club


For OnePlus 6 and above models:

Open Phone Settings > Tap on Profile Section on the top of settings menu

Note: Your phone’s system should be latest.

For OnePlus 3 to OnePlus 5T models:

Open OnePlus Community App > Profile > Red Cable Club

Note: Upgrade the app to latest version.

For OnePlus 2 and below models:

Open the OnePlus Care app > Red Cable Club

2. Click on the Ganna Plus banner

Click on Gaana Plus Banner – Red Cable Club

3. Tap on Avail Now button

Click on “Avail Now” – Red Cable Club

4. Click on check promotional code

Ganna Plus Voucher – Red Cable Club

After you have click on “Avail Now”, a dialog box will appear like in above image then click on “Check Promotional code” to get the voucher code

You can also open “My Reward” on the main page of the club to see the voucher code.

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How to apply Gaana Plus Voucher?

  1. Open the Gaana app > Go to Profile Section
  2. Click on Redeem Coupon
  3. Enter the Voucher Code

Hurray! You have availed the free Gaana Plus Subscription for 3 Months!

I hope you liked the post. Comment below in case of any query, I will be happy to answer. Peace!

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