How to Score 100% Marks in Mathematics in Cbse Term-2 Exams?

Mathematics is a practical or logical subject in which there is no need to rote anything.

But still, many students have a phobia of mathematics and find themself unable to score well in Mathematics. In term 1, many students scored low due to some misconceptions about the MCQ system.

Nevertheless, the CBSE board has reduced the burden on students due to the semester system this time and you have the GOLDEN Chance to score 100% marks in Term 2.

In this post, I have put together the 7 best practices you should follow to score 100% in Mathematics easily:

Introduce yourself to the Syllabus

Do you know that the syllabus is known as the “Exam Planning Tool?”

Having complete knowledge of your syllabus is the first step on your way to scoring high in mathematics.

It will not only make it easy for you to prepare for the exam but will also help you ensure that none of the topics get skipped.

So first of all, introduce yourself to the syllabus and schedule your preparation accordingly.

Check Blueprint of Exam

The second important step is to check the blueprint of the exam. That’s because the blueprint is necessary to plan and start your preparation.

In the blueprint, the weightage of every chapter is mentioned. By which, you will be able to prepare for the most scoring chapters first.

And then, you can prepare for easy chapters as well, accordingly. With help of the blueprint, you will be able to cover most of the syllabus fastly and on time.

Make notes of the formulas:

In mathematics, formulas are the key to successful preparation and scoring high.

That’s because formulas are fundamentals of mathematics that provide us with a clear way to solve maths problems.

Making notes of formulas will help you solve problems easier and faster. So, before starting with solving the sums, learn all the important formulas and then make notes for them which will be most helpful for you at the time of revision.

How to use the formulas correctly? Firstly, read the statement of the question and then, apply the correct formula for the same. Lastly, start the calculation work. 

Strengthen your calculations:

The calculation is the base of mathematics. If your calculation is good, you can be a master of mathematics.

Students often make mistakes in the calculations which is why they fail to reach their goal i.e. correct answer, and eventually, lose marks.

So, strengthen your calculations and work on accuracy. Here’s how:

  • Practice problems
  • Analyze your solutions to know where you make calculation mistakes often
  • Work on improving those mistakes

Practice, practice, and practice:

Practice plays the most vital role in scoring high in mathematics. The more you practice, the more your self-confidence will increase.

It is the only through practice by which you can conquer your fear of mathematics. I know practicing can become tough and irritating when you don’t get the right answers.

Here’s how you should start practicing and make it a habit:

  • Start with practicing examples (so you can look at solutions and know where you made a mistake).
  • Clear all the doubts with your teacher.
  • Then, you can start with the complex problem as well.

So, practice as much as you can! It’s crucial if you want to score 100% in mathematics.

The important topics you need to cover:

In CBSE board exams, you have to cover the NCERT Book of Mathematics and NCERT Exemplar Questions. Also, solve all the examples in NCERT Book.

Prepare Case Study Based Questions from sample papers. Solve the latest released CBSE sample paper of 2022.

Previous Year Question Papers are most important for the preparation for board exams. Solve previous year’s question papers of the last 5 years least.

These will help you to understand the board exam pattern and gives an idea of the level of the question paper.


At last, revise all the important topics for the exams before 1-2 days of exams. Don’t do new things at that time because you can get confused. Learn & write all the formulas at the time of revision.

Bonus tip – Attemptation style of the exam:

Attemptation is the most important thing while performing a subjective Exam. It can help you make a great impression on the Examiner.

Have a look at these attemptation tips:

  • Attempt your exam section-wise for a good impression. There are different sections in your exam according to the marks criterion. This information is given on top of the question paper. 
  • Solve your exam according to the marking scheme.
  • Don’t leave a question completely if you have any doubt about it. Even if you know the formula of the question, then write it. Because you will get the marks of figures and formulas as well according to the “Step Wise Marking Scheme.”

So, all the best for your exam and score 100 percent!

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