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How to Download Movies from Telegram? Easy 4 Step Guide!


If you want to know how to download movies and web series from the Telegram app with the help of telegram channels, then you are in the right place.

I have explained the easy 4 step process of downloading the movies from the Telegram app and have also added the pro tips to search your favorite movie.

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I have also mentioned a list of the most active best Telegram channels for movies and web-series that provide movie download links.

Without wasting your time, let me tell you how to download movies and web-series from Telegram.

1. Download and open the Telegram app

Telegram App – Google Play Store

First, you need to download and install the Telegram app. You can download it here for Android and IOS

Open the Telegram app if you have downloaded it. The next step is to…

2. Search for a Telegram movie channel

how to download movies in telegram

Now, Click on the search icon on the top right of the Telegram app.

Now enter the name of the movie or language you want to download like I have searched for Hollywood in the above screenshot.

Tip: You can also search for a genre of movies you want to watch like Action, science fiction, romantic, romcom, etc. and also by name of online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and others.

Let’s move on to the next step which is to…

3. Open Telegram Channel and find the movie download links

telegram movies download

When you open a Telegram channel, you will see many links but all of them aren’t download links.

First, find the download link for the movie or web series you want to download. The download link will look like a blue button with a downward arrow (like in the above image).

Tip: You can also search within a channel by tapping on a 3-dot menu on the top right then tap on search. The last step is to…

4. Tap on the download or streaming link

Telegram Channels – Download link

Tap on the download link and the movie will start downloading, an icon will appear with a cross sign like in the above image which represents that movie download is in progress.

Some channels provide a streaming link with the download link so you can watch the movie while it’s downloading.

It’s easy, right? You got premium content without spending a buck. Thanks to the developers of Telegram.

But! It’s tough to find the right Telegram channels without spam. That’s why I have mentioned some Best Telegram Channels for Movies and Web-series for you 😉

Telegram ChannelsJoining Link
Netflix Originals 🎬Join
Fun Park Movies 📽Join
Netflix Movies Web SeriesJoin
Hindi Cinemahub📽Join
Google Drive MoviesJoin
Movie Series 🎬Join
Telugu movies [@telugu_moviez]Join
All Telugu Movies 🎶Join
Tamil Dubbed MoviesJoin
Telegram MoviesJoin
Best Telegram Channels for Movies

Check out the comprehensive list on Best Telegram Channels for Movies and web-series download based on 9 different Indian languages English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and more.

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Which are your favorite Telegram channels? Submit the link below.

13 thoughts on “How to Download Movies from Telegram? Easy 4 Step Guide!”

  1. Thank you sir this a very useful Information for me . but can you suggest me way where I can watch movies or web without downloading

    • That’s my pleasure 🙂

      Yes, you can stream movies or series without waiting for the download to finish. There’s a bot on telegram @GetPublicLinkBot which converts the download link into the streamable link.
      For more clarity, refer to this video

  2. I did same and after download was completed i try to find the movie in the phone but i couldnt find it.. it was no where… i tried to find it in every folder but couldnt… could you tell what i should do?

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