How To Charge Mi Band 4 Without Removing Strap? Easy DIY Guide!!!

Mi Band 4 has an amazing battery life but still, we have to charge it when it drains after 2-3 weeks of charging.

The main flaw of charging Mi Band 4 is that we have to remove the Mi Band capsule from the strap and then connect it to the default charger.

I know removing the band from the strap is not pleasant!

Mi Band straps are so tight that it feels like either the Mi Band or the strap will break.

Don’t worry! Today, I have mentioned 3 ways to charge Mi Band 4 without removing the strap. Stay tuned and read the full post. First, let me tell you…

How you can charge Mi Band 4 without removing the strap?

In the Mi Band 3 and lower versions, the charging pins are positioned at bottom of tracker so we have to remove the strap.

But in Mi Band 4, the charging pins are at the back side of the tracker, so we can access them and charge the band without removing the strap.

Without wasting your time, let me tell you the 3 techniques to charge your Mi Band 4.

1. Using Default Charger and a Rubber Band

charge mi band 4 without removing
credit: u/nickkgar

Yes, you can charge Mi Band 4 with help of just a rubber band.

You can charge the tracker directly by holding it with your hands but the use of a rubber band makes it effortless. Don’t tie the rubber band too hard, you just need to connect the charging pins and that’s it.

You can also make use of zip-ties to keep the band connected with the charger.

No need to spend a single buck. Cool, right?

For more clarity, refer to this video on imgur

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2. Making a DIY Charger

Making a DIY charger is very easy. You just need a USB cable, any old or tainted cable will work.

Mi Band 4 DIY Charger - MoboDaily
Mi Band 4 DIY Charger – MoboDaily


  1. Cut the cable from the micro USB end.
  2. Tear the Black (neutral) & Red (live) wires.
  3. Connect the wires with the band as shown in the image below.
  4. Connect the cable to a power source.

Tip: Make use of cello tape to adjust the wires.

Default charger is not required so you can also use this guide in case you can’t access the mi band charger.

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3. Using a Clamp Charger

mi band 4 clamp charger
Why use a Mi Band 4 Clamp Charger?

Clamp charger is a super cheap Mi Band 4 accessory you should consider buying.

You can also call it clip charger, just clip the charger at the right position so it gets connected with the charging pins of the Mi Band 4.

There are rubber surfaces inside the clips so it won’t put scratches on your Mi Band.

You can buy this clip charger on any E-commerce site like

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Removing Mi Band 4 from its strap was always been an anxious activity for me. It feels like I will break the tracker or strap, I know it won’t because Mi Band 4 is very durable.

But you must admit that removing the mi band from the strap is not a pleasant activity. So, make use above techniques to increase the life of your Mi Band 4.

Which charging technique you liked the most? Tell me in the comments below.

Share the post and help the Mi Band Community. Peace.

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