Eqwires Research Analyst – Best Stock Advisory in India? [Full Review]

Disclaimer: This review is based on our personal analysis and is for educational purposes only. Trading involves risk, consult with your financial advisor before trading.

In a country like India, where the number of people trading in the stock market is increasingly rising, it becomes important to have a good research analyst who can provide you with expert investment or trading advice.

As per the SBI report, the number of individual investors in the market has increased by a whopping 142 lakh in FY21, with 122.5 lakh new accounts at CDSL and 19.7 lakh in NSDL.

Not only the big guns, but these days even the small traders are looking for a research analyst to help them with their investments.

The Eqwires Research Analyst is one of those names that have seen tremendous growth in recent years and has established itself as one of the top-notch SEBI registered research analysts providing services all over India and across other countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and many others.

The stock advisory claims that its research reports are well-researched and unbiased, which can be a great opportunity for traders to make informed decisions about their investments in the Indian stock market or any other international indices.

Eqwires Research Analyst: An Overview

Eqwires Research Analysts have been providing financial services for over 15 years. Their technical team has years of experience and developed some experimented trading techniques to give consistent results while building a long-term relationships with the clients.

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Their services include providing equity cash, derivatives like stock futures, index futures, stock options, and index options. Eqwires Research also provides investment advice to Indian and international clients. They seem to have a strong research team that provides proficient reports to its customers regularly.

One of the few things making them an attractive choice for all kinds of investors is their unbiased research reports. Over the years, they have built a strong clientele across Europe and North America, with Indian traders also following them closely.

They provide services to retail and institutional clients that too on different platforms like telephonic conversation, email support, and Telegram. They are known to be the best stock market advisory in India by most of their clients.

Who Can Avail Services From Eqwires Research?

Here the team at Eqwires has divided their services into three different categories to make it feasible for all kinds of investors to approach them:

#1 High-Risk Traders

This one is for traders ready to take very high risks and try their luck in the Indian stock market. 

This service usually includes high bets on stocks and other securities like futures and options that they feel will give traders good returns within a short period.

As per the sources, the Eqwires team seems very supportive and helps you with your trading decisions every step of the way, giving tips on how to go about your trade.

This high-risk, high-return service is available for both Indian and international clients. For those looking to make quick money, this is the one you can opt for.

Note: I would suggest this service to only those who can take high risks, and won’t get affected if they lose their capital. 

#2 Moderate Risk Traders

Here, your earnings will likely be slower than the high-risk traders, but they will be more consistent and dependable.

The team also delivers these services as a “Moderate Risk” against the “High Risk” service. This moderate risk, high return is also available for Indian and international clients as well—the team targets short-term stocks of the companies with high growth potential.

This seems one of the most sought-after services as it can give consistent results over some time and can deliver very good returns on investment.

Although the returns here can be comparatively less than the high-risk service, this one gives your investment much-needed stability.

#3 Conservative Risk Investors

As the name suggests, this one is for those who want to invest in the Indian stock market for medium to long-term and with very low risk and taking the safer path.

The team here offers services like equity cash research (stock recommendations) and derivative products like index futures, options, and much more, along with advisory on trading techniques. 

They seem to provide you with a well-diversified portfolio of securities that will help you stay away from losses even if the market crashes.

Here you get tailor-made services comprised of strategies like long-term traders, short-term traders, trend followers, and much more.

Btw, Eqwires can be easily found on Telegram which is a hub of stock market Telegram channels.

Eqwires Research vs. Top Competitors

Here is a brief comparison of Eqwires Research to its top competitors based on the services they offer.

vs. The Analyst Agency

As compared to The Analyst Agency, Eqwires Research seems more specialized stock market advisory service. Eqwires deal with specific segments of the Indian and international markets and provide services in more than 35 countries to help investors make better decisions.

vs. Equitymaster

Equitymaster has been an industry leader for years now, but it’s important to know that 

Equitymaster and Eqwires Research are two completely different services. Equity master deals with long-term investments that may not give results as fast as the short-term ones but will help you build a strong portfolio over time.

vs. MoneyWorks4Me

Although MoneyWorks offers a wide range of services, they do not provide long-term investments or short-term investments. They mainly cater to regular income from mutual funds and other investment plans daily through direct plans.

vs. ResearchandRanking

ResearchandRanking is an international stock market advisory service that has been in business for over a decade now. They offer services like equity cash research (stock recommendations) as well as derivative products like index futures, options, and much more along with advisory on trading techniques that will help you stay away from losses even if the market crashes. As compared to ResearchandRanking, Eqwires Research seems more specialized service that deals with specific segments of the business and provide services in various categories only to help investors make better decisions.

Should You Choose Eqwires Research?

Here are a few things you need to consider if you are looking to avail financial services from Eqwires Research:

✔ Services in multiple segments like stock futures, index futures, options, and much more.

✔ You get a dedicated team of SEBI Registered Research Analysts for your trading needs.

✔ You get regular updates through Eqwires’ official Telegram channel. It can be important for you to note that Eqwires is one of the top SEBI registered stock market Telegram channels.

✔ The best part is that Eqwires research services are not too expensive, providing you with great value for money!

✔ The returns seem quite good and constant over time.

✔ You get completely customized services that will help you achieve your investment goals much faster than before.

✔ SEBI-Registered Research Analyst.

✔ You can opt for high-risk or low-risk services depending on your resources and capacity to take risks in the Indian stock market.

If the above pointers align with your investment or trading goals, you should consider joining Eqwires Research Analyst.

What About Negative Reviews About Eqwires?

You might have seen or read some negative reviews about Eqwires. I have also seen some on the web and quora.

Should you consider these negative reviews? I would suggest not! Why?

You have to admit it – A company can’t satisfy all of its customers. You’ve to deal with negativity as you become popular.

I am not acting biased! Actually, I think it’s good if there are some bad reviews along with a lot of good reviews about a company, it shows that the company is authentic, accepts its mistakes, and is ready to learn from them.

Looking at the positive side, the best thing is that there are a lot of good reviews about Eqwires.

Wrapping it Up

So this was your complete review guide on Eqwires Research. It’s important to note that Eqwires Research is an established and specialized stock advisory providing services all over the globe. 

We hope you found it informative and helpful in making the final decision of choosing the right stock advisory service for yourself.

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