11 Best Telegram Channels For Swing Trading [Free Tips]

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only and we suggest you contact your financial advisor before trading.

Swing Trading is an art!

In swing trading, the trader anticipates the price move and enters into a trade at the right time to earn huge profits in a short time, say a few days or weeks.

If you’re looking for Best Telegram Channel for Swing Trading, your search ends here.

In this post, I have put together the 11 Best Swing Trading Telegram Channels based on thorough research, testing, and personal experience.

1. TradeONomics

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If you’re looking for a options and swing trading channel, then TradeOnomics is the best swing trading Telegram Channel for you! They provide 2-3 swing trades daily based on price action with high accuracy.

They provide free calls but you can also open a Upstox account to avail of premium calls for 2 months.

Key Features:

  • 1-2 free calls daily
  • BankNifty trades
  • Equity cash swing trading calls
  • BTST swing trades
  • Regular stock market updates
  • Premium swing calls are available

2. Nrj Finance

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Neeraj Dixit, a person with a brilliant mind and many years of experience in the stock market runs a free stock market telegram channel where you will get many swing trading tips and calls on a daily basis.

Key Features:

3. Bank Nifty Masters

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Looking for swing trading tips with high accuracy? Bank Nifty Masters is the channel for you. With years of experience in the stock market space, the analysts behind this channel provide sure-shot swing trades that can help you earn decent profits in the very short term!

Key Features:

  • Regular Nifty and BankNifty levels
  • Intraday trading tips
  • One sure shot banknifty trade daily
  • Up to 90% accuracy
  • Both free and premium trading tips
  • Chat support over Telegram

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4. Finroot

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Many channels provide swing trading tips, but only a few provide them with a proper chart and technical analysis. Finroot is one of those great Telegram channels for swing and BTST trading!

Key Features:

  • Free technical analysis
  • Chart analysis
  • Positional short-term calls
  • Important swing trading levels
  • Daily tips on 2-3 stocks
  • Courses to learn swing trading

5. Trade Swings

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With over 80 thousand subscribers, Trade Swings is one of the largest telegram channels devoted to this type of trading. The channel provides its members with daily swing trade recommendations, education, and analysis of the markets.

Whether you’re new to swing trading or an experienced trader, Trade Swings is a great resource to have in your corner.

  • Analysis and research
  • Stop-loss strategy
  • Regular updates and educational news

6. Swing Traders Hub

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Launched in 2019, Swing Traders Hub has quickly become one of swing traders’ most popular Telegram channels.

With over 5,000 members, the channel provides up-to-date market news and stock trends, regular calls, and tips for swing trading. The channel is run by a team of experienced traders genuinely interested in helping others succeed in the markets.

Also, a ton of users have improved their swing trading strategies and results thanks to their insights and guidance. If you are serious about swing trading, Swing Traders Hub is worth checking out.

  • Regular tips, news, & strategies
  • 99% accuracy promised
  • Live webinars

7. Cover Order

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Cover Order is one of the best Telegram channels to follow if you’re a swing trader. With over 21,000 subscribers, Cover Order provides stock portfolios with technical analysis and charting.

You can analyze the stock patterns and get experience over time. After watching their feeds, you’ll get a feel for how the market works and which stocks are worth investing in.

  • Accuracy approx 60% – 85%
  • Technical graphs
  • Premium WhatsApp group is also available

Link: https://t.me/coverorder

8. Swing & Positional Stock

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The channel has got more than 7 thousand subscribers. If someone is interested in only swing and positional trading, this channel is extremely best for them.

Also, the host updates viewers about the latest news and changes in the industry so that they do not miss out on anything relevant.

  • Accurate charts and technical graphs
  • Tips and calls about swing trading with a stop-loss strategy
  • Get trends and news as per norms of the SEBI

9. Upticks: Swing Trading Calls

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Upticks is a Telegram channel that offers consistent calls and opinions on the swing and positional stocks. The channel provides high-quality trade ideas and opinions backed by extensive fundamental and technical analysis.

In addition to trade ideas, the channel also offers educational content on trading strategies and risk management. Upticks is an excellent resource for active traders looking for reliable trade ideas and opinions.

  • 6k+ Subscribers
  • Best for educational purposes
  • Receive important news easily

10. Trading Reboot Academy

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Although it has only 7K+ subscribers, the Trading Reboot Academy channel is worth following if you want accurate information. The channel supplies call for both positional and swing trading, as well as nifty and bank nifty.

As a result, the Trading Reboot Academy is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about technical trading.

  • Real-time updates
  • Very well-strategized content
  • Also offers a stop-loss strategy for swing trading

11. Neha0103 from Moneycontrol

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28k+ subscribers can’t be wrong – this channel has a good reputation for itself! They post regularly on their channel and provide truthful information about the nifty, stocks, and other technical charts with images.

Neha is a professional analyst from Moneycontrol. Though she’s not SEBI registered, you will get accurate information about swing trading and beneficial tips for investing in the stock market.

  • Completely free to join
  • Daily regular updates
  • High Accuracy

Bottom Line

If done right, swing trading can help you earn consistent profits with low risk. And Telegram Channels are one of the best and free sources of getting expert tips.

All the Swing Trading Telegram Channels listed in this post are the best and will help you know the right time to enter swing trades.

But still, be cautious and observe the tips provided by a channel, then make the decision to follow them.

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