10+ Best Telegram Channels for Stock Market [April 2023]

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only, contact your financial advisor before trading.

Any person can make money by trading in the stock market, you just need good financial advice and knowledge.

Telegram has become a great and free source of knowledge in recent years whether it is education or the stock market.

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If you’re looking for the best Telegram channels for the Indian stock market, your search ends here!

We have filtered and listed some best telegram channels/groups that can provide you with high-quality knowledge about the stock market and some trading tips as well.

Which is the best telegram channel for stock market?

Top 10 Best Stock Market Telegram Channels In India

Channel NameSubscribersChannel Link
1. StockPro Online (SEBI Registered)293kView Channel
2. Stock Gainers (SEBI Registered)63kView Channel
3. BankNifty Masters37kView Channel
4. Profits Everyday17kView Channel
5. Honest Stock Marketer14kView Channel
6. TradeOnomics9kView Channel
7. Bombay Traders6.7kView Channel
8. StockPro Index Trading65kView Channel
9. Vision Trading9kView Channel
10. Intraday Stock Tips67kView Channel
Best Stock Market Telegram Channels/Groups with Links

1. StockPro Online

Led by SEBI-registered research analyst – Dr. Seema Jain, StockPro is the best and most free Telegram channel for the stock market. Along with providing paid stock market courses, they also provide the free stock market knowledge and tips on their official broadcast channel on the Telegram App.

Being the best overall stock tips Telegram channel, they share a variety of stock market content and knowledge including trading calls, YouTube videos, strategies, market trends, chart analysis, and free webinars, making StockPro the best overall channel for the stock market.

One of the best things about them is – They provide trading calls on quality stocks only. Moreover, they provide exact entry levels for many stocks daily. So you should join this channel if you want to learn about the stock market and make money.


  • Free trading calls with accurate entry-levels
  • Educational video content
  • Live trading through webinars
  • Regular multi-bagger stocks

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2. Stock Gainers (SEBI Registered)

If You seek trading advice with Proper Target and Stop Loss, Stock Gainers is your channel. They are SEBI REGISTERED and provide daily 7-8 FREE calls in Options, Cash, Futures, and Commodity.

For New and Experienced traders, Stock Gainers are the first choice as they guide on when to buy which stock at what price and when to exit. You might ask why we vouch for Stock Gainers, just check out the key features to know.


  • FREE 7-8 CALLS daily in Options, Futures, Cash, and Commodity 
  • They run a special Millennium Course to learn Stock Market from basics to advance 
  • Community of 60k+ Traders 
  • SEBI REGISTERED Research Analyst 

3. BankNifty Masters

As the name suggests, BankNifty Masters is a great intraday trading Telegram Channel where you will get index and stock option trading calls.

Along with 2-3 sure-shot trading tips, you will get regular updates on the market conditions, important trading levels, and other forecasts.

Best of all, you will get high-quality calls with exact targets and stop-loss. They also provide premium subscription-based services to interested stock market traders.


  • 1-2 free BankNifty calls daily
  • Up to 85% Accuracy
  • Transparent reports on P&L daily
  • Premium service with personalized support is available.

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4. Profits Everyday

Profits Everyday - Stock Market Tips Telegram Channel

Looking for the best telegram channel for options trading? Profits Everyday is a renowned Telegram Channel for the Indian stock market with 11k+ active and genuine subscribers who follow their advice and reportedly earn regular profits as well.

Stock market tips by Profits Everyday are not based on assumptions. They have experts that do proper technical analysis before posting calls on the Telegram channel.

Along with calls, you get updates on when to book profit or loss or hold a trade.


  • Free; paid services
  • Recover fees within 2-3 profitable trades
  • Personalized support over Private Telegram Group
  • Small capital required

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5. Honest Stock Marketer

Honest Stock Marketer is one of the most active and best trading Telegram channels for Intraday Trading in India with 10K+ active subscribers.

They provide a variety of stock market trading tips, calls, and updates during market hours.

The thing we liked is – Experts at Honest Stock Marketer take care of stock market beginners and tell them to safely book the profits on time and not lose money in the market.

Honest Stock Marketer – Best Telegram Group for Share Market

If you’re looking for premium and custom service, Honest Stock Marketer can be a good option as they also offer premium WhatsApp-based stock market services.


  • 1-2 free intraday options calls
  • Swing trading ideas
  • Capital required: 20-30k
  • Expiry special hero-zero BankNifty call
  • Cost-effective premium subscription

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6. TradeOnomics

TradeOnomics specializes in options tradingindex and stock options. Their free calls often include BankNifty call options with open targets and claim up to 90% accuracy. Along with free services, they also offer premium services that include 2-3 sure-shot intraday tips with personalized support.

This channel is best for beginners because they can avail of premium services by just opening a Demat account with TradeOnomics’s referral code.


  • Free; premium services
  • Open referral Demat account to avail of premium service
  • Small capital required
  • Customer support over Telegram

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7. Bombay Traders

A Telegram Channel that is known for its professional and accurate trading calls. They specialize in banknifty and nifty index options trading and provide one free trading call daily.

The channel is rapidly growing in popularity and has gained around 6K active subscribers within a short period. That’s maybe because of their accurate stock market tips and transparent services.


  • 1 free banknifty call daily
  • Up to 90% accuracy
  • 3-4 calls in premium service
  • Right entry and exit levels

8. StockPro Index Trading

If you’re looking for a Telegram channel for stock market courses and learning, Trade On Data is the channel you should join. They provide professional stock market trading courses to beginners who want to learn the stock market and become professional traders.

Furthermore, you will get also the best stock market tips through their Telegram channel.

If you’re interested in paid calls, their premium services include swing trading setups, positional trade ideas, long-term/short-term stock views, and BankNifty trade setups. This makes them the best tips provider for both beginners with small capital and HNIs with big capital.


  • Free; paid services
  • Views on the market every morning
  • 24/7 support assistance
  • Small-capital requirement

9. Vision Trading

They care for their subscribers! That’s why they provide trading tips with proper stop losses for free.

Vision Trading is a Telegram Channel that specializes in options trading. They provide one free trading call daily consisting of bank nifty or stock options trade. Other than that, they also post positional stock trading calls that you can hold for short-term to earn profits based on price action.

Along with free services, they also provide personalized services and 3-4 expert trading tips to their premium subscribers over WhatsApp.


  • A free options trading call daily
  • 15 to 25k capital requirement
  • 7-10k claimed profit
  • Up to 98% reported accuracy
  • Position trading tips

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10. Intraday Stock Tips

Intraday Tips is the best Telegram channel for stock market that provides tips on intraday trading. They provide 100% free tips and calls on intraday trading which is quite rare. Unlike most trading Telegram channels, they do not ask users to subscribe to a paid membership. They totally focus on providing high-quality intraday trading tips through Telegram.

The intraday calls they provide include – BankNifty options calls, futures calls, and stock intraday calls.


  • 100% Free Intraday Calls
  • No promotional content
  • Daily 2-3 sure-shot calls with high-accuracy
  • Low capital required

How to know if a stock market Telegram channel is good?

Good Telegram channels follow a group of specific traits that make them the best and different from other fake stock trading channels. Some of these traits are – success rate, views-to-subscribers ratio, quality of calls, percentage of promotion, and more.

Besides the above-mentioned best Telegram channels for the share market, if you want to join other best stock market channels or have joined any channel and are confused that you should rely on it or not, then check out the below-mentioned qualities of an authentic Telegram channel:

1. Check Views (Not Subscribers)

Don’t judge a channel by the number of subscribers. If you search terms like ‘stock market’ or ‘intraday’ on telegram, you’ll get a lot of channels on your screen with subscribers in lakhs. Are they good? No, most of them are manipulating the audience and most people also get fooled by measuring the authenticity of a channel by the number of subscribers.

Instead, you should check the number of views on the posts, if views are very less compared to the number of subscribers, chances are they are fake subscribers and you’re on the wrong channel.

2. They Don’t Hide Failures!

Like a share never rises consistently, no matter how expert you’re at trading, you also can’t earn consistent profits without incurring losses.

Good channels don’t hide losses, they stay honest. If you see only profits in a channel without any loss, something is wrong with that channel!

3. Open Identity (Transparency)

An admin of authentic channels won’t hesitate to show their identity and interact with the channel members. Kindly don’t blindly take calls or paid subscriptions from a channel that doesn’t provide you with a way to contact or message them.

4. Proper Stop-loss and Targets

I see a lot of options trading Telegram channels that share calls without an SL and mention it as paid, which is not a good thing to do, and you should never take these calls. First thing, options are risky, and without SL, they’re riskier.

A good trading Telegram channel won’t give calls without SL and targets, they would never want their subscribers to suffer losses.

5. They Like to Share Their Knowledge

When you’re passionate about something, you don’t hesitate to share it with others.

Likewise, an expert trader or Telegram channel won’t hesitate to share their knowledge with channel members. They’ll predict the levels of stocks and indices and will freely share them with you.

6. No or Minimal Stress on Paid Services

The main aim of a good stock market Telegram Channel is to build a personal brand by sharing expert knowledge so that they don’t have to ask people to buy paid services, rather people ask them to provide paid personalized services.

Channels that push you to buy paid services might not be good.

Bottom Line

I hope you have found the best telegram channel for the stock market for you from the above-listed telegram channels. I recommend everybody especially beginners to join the above channels instead of trading on their own without proper strategy.

Still confused? Contact us to know which channel is best for your trading or investing needs.

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