15 Best Stock Market Telegram Channels To Follow [2024]

Looking for the best Telegram Channels for free stock market tips? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place.

A good stock market Telegram channel is not about the number of subscribers or calls.

Many factors make a Telegram channel authentic.

Proper stop-loss and targets with calls, views per post, accuracy, and more.

Here, we have listed the 15 best stock market Telegram channels that are authentic and reliable.

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Stock Prot.me/stockpro_online
2. BankNifty Masterst.me/NiftyFnOofficial
3. Stock Gainersrebrand.ly/StockGainers
4. Profits Everydayt.me/everydayprofits
5. Stock Pro Options Tradingt.me/stockproindextrading
6. NRJ Financet.me/nrjfinance
7. Bombay Traderst.me/ShareMarket_Intraday
8. Stock Market Updatest.me/marketnewsforlearning
9. Valuerupee- SUNIL BEHKIt.me/valuerupee
10. IIFL Securities Researcht.me/IIFLSecResearch
11. Stocktwits Indiat.me/stocktwitsindia
12. Vijay Wealth Advisort.me/vijaywealthofficial2020
13. Stock Phoenixt.me/StockPhoenix
14. Angel Onet.me/Official_AngelOne
15. Angel One Advisoryt.me/AngelOneAdvisory
15 best Telegram groups/channels for Indian stock market

1. Stock Pro

Led by Seema Jain, a renowned SEBI-registered research analyst, Stock Pro is one of the best Telegram channels for the Indian stock market.

From positional stock calls to chart analysis and free educational & informational videos, you will get it all on the Stock Pro Telegram channel.

Stock Pro Online Telegram Channel

Additionally, you can also join their stock market courses if you wish to become a professional trader and make a living out of it.

Key Features

  • SEBI-Registered
  • Market updates
  • Educational videos
  • Stock market courses and webinars
  • Free swing and positional calls daily

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2. BankNifty Masters

BankNifty Masters is another SEBI-registered Telegram channel for options trading.

As the name suggests, they offer a variety of options calls including Nifty, BankNifty, and stock options calls.

Stock Options tip by BankNifty Masters on Telegram

Furthermore, they also have a premium group that gives many options trading tips daily.

The best thing is they are transparent and share a performance report on profitable and losing trades daily.

Stock performance report by BankNifty Masters Telegram channel

Shortly, this channel is a must-join if you’re looking for an options trading Telegram channel.

Key Features

  • Free stock and index options trading calls
  • High accuracy
  • Performance Reports
  • Expiry special hero-zero tips
  • Minimum capital required: 15k

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3. Stock Gainers

Run by Kapil Verma, an experienced SEBI-registered research analyst, Stock Gainers is a popular and one of the best stock market channels you can find on Telegram.

They provide 7-8 free calls in options, cash, future, and commodity, making it an all-in-one Telegram channel for the Indian share market.

Stock market Telegram Channel by Stock Gainers SEBI-registered analyst

Best of all, you get tips with expected targets and proper stop-loss.

They will guide you on when to buy which stock at what price and when to book profit.

Key Features

  • 7-8 free stock tips daily
  • Breakout stocks
  • Learn with special stock market courses
  • Community of 90k+ active traders

4. Profits Everyday

If you’re looking for a simple and spam-free Telegram channel for options trading, Profits Everyday is the channel for you.

I called it simple because you get one free option call daily in the morning along with a proper entry point.

Profits Everyday options trading Telegram channel

They also tell you when to exit or book the profit.

If you like it, you can also become their premium member.

Key Features

  • 1 free options call daily
  • Spam-free channel
  • Up to 90% accuracy
  • Low capital required to trade

5. StockPro Options Trading

Owned by StockPro,  this channel is dedicated to intraday and options trading.

They post several intraday calls for free with proper stop-loss and targets

You also get free access to daily live market sessions where you can learn from and trade with Seema Jain and other Stockpro experts.

Moreover, you get regular updates on markets and stocks that are about to break out.

Key Features

  • Free intraday calls daily
  • Live market sessions
  • Market update videos
  • Get to learn from experts
  • SEBI-registered options trading channel

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6. NRJ Finance

Owned by Neeraj Dixit, NRJ Finance is an all-in-one channel to stay in touch with the Indian stock market.

From positional & BTST stock calls to intraday stock and index options, you’ll get a variety of tips on this channel.

Other than calls, Neeraj also keeps you updated on how markets are behaving and what you should do in panic market situations.

Moreover, you also get analysis videos on stocks with proper guidance on when to buy which stocks and what targets to expect.

Key Features

7. Bombay Traders

A 100% free channel where you’ll get free options trading tips.

The admin of the Bombay Traders channel specializes in BankNifty options trading. 

They post a free trading call daily in the channel with the entry-level and keep you updated on it when to book, trail the stop-loss or keep it on hold.

Best of all, you can join their personalized group by just opening a free Dhan account using their referral link.

Key Features

  • 100% free channel
  • Personalized group
  • Daily trade reports
  • Learn options trading
  • Swing trading tips

8. Stock Market Updates

Only calls and tips can’t make you a successful stock market investor or trader.

That’s why I have listed this channel.

It will keep you updated with the latest stock market news and updates.

Not only generic market news, you will get updates on stocks, sectors, DIIs, FIIs, and other fundamentals of the market.

Key Features

  • Market trend forecast
  • Industry updates
  • Global market news
  • Company updates
  • Institutional activity data

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9. Valuerupee

Spearheaded by Sunil Behki, a renowned SEBI-registered research analyst, the Valuerupee Telegram channel can be really useful for you.

They post a high-quality stock tip daily, mostly swing trades, sometimes intraday tips.

So if you trade or invest in cash stocks, this is a must-join channel for you.

Plus, you won’t get any spam or unwanted posts from them, just calls, high-quality calls!

Key Features

  • SEBI-registered
  • One stock call daily
  • Proper entry level, stop-loss, and targets
  • Swing and intraday trading
  • No spam posts

10. IIFL Securities Research

India Infoline a.k.a. IIFL is a renowned finance company that offers a variety of services including demat account and securities research services.

Luckily, they run an amazing and free Telegram channel.

Throughout the day, they post many market updates–a morning podcast, stock tips, F&O tips, FII & DII data, US market updates, and more.

Telegram Channel owned by IIFL securities

In short, IIFL Securities Research is a must-join channel for you!

Key Features

  • 100% free channel
  • Cash, FnO, and positional calls
  • Various market updates
  • FII and DII institutional updates
  • Free demat account

11. Stocktwits India

Stocktwits is one of the most creative stock market channels you’ll find on Telegram.

They make great use of infographics to keep you updated about the latest news and trends in the Indian stock market.

For instance, have a look at the visual below:

An infographics on Stockwits India Telegram channel

Moreover, they also post stock investment and trading tips shared by SEBI-registered analysts and other brokerage houses.

Key Features

  • Interesting infographics
  • Free stock tips
  • Company result reviews
  • Market updates
  • YouTube videos

12. Vijay Wealth Advisor

Vijay Wealth is a renowned share market Telegram channel that you should follow.
Why? They are known for their unique stock research and picks that have become multi-baggers.

Vijay Wealth Advisor Telegram Channel

Other than this free channel, they also run a private Telegram learning group and a channel for premium calls.

Just open a demat account with their referral links and you’ll be eligible to join their lifetime free private channels.

Key Features

  • Free positional calls
  • Stock market learning group
  • Private channel for premium calls
  • High accuracy
  • Small capital required

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13. Stock Phoenix

Searching for a Telegram channel for stock market courses?

Stock Phoenix provides an all-in-one live stock market course that you can join to learn the stock market from basic to advanced levels.

Telegram stock market course by Stock Phoenix

Furthermore, they often do live webinars where you can learn specific stock market skills and strategies.

Their last webinar was on Fibonacci Analysis.

Key Features

  • Stock market courses
  • Live webinars
  • Educational YouTube videos
  • Live market updates
  • Stock updates and tips

14. Angel One

Earlier known as Angel Broking, Angel One is a FinTech company with a large customer base in India.

So you might already know about it. 

Even if you don’t use an Angel One demat account, you should join this channel for valuable stock market updates and awesome learning material.

They do not provide any call but will make you independent enough to make trades on your own.

Key Features

  • Stock market updates
  • Market movement and trends
  • Learning podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • Daily market wrap

15. Angel One Advisory

You should not take calls without researching or analyzing.

Still, here it is if you’re looking for direct stock calls and tips.

Along with delivery, intraday, options, and BTST calls, they also keep you updated on when to book profit or exit if stop-loss hits.

In short, it’s a trusted channel if you’re into calls and tips.

Key Features

  • Delivery stock calls
  • Stock options tips
  • Authentic and trusted channel
  • Proper stop-loss and targets
  • Low capital required

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How to know if a stock market Telegram channel is safe?

Good Telegram channels follow a group of specific traits that make them the best and different from other fake stock trading channels. Some of these traits are success rate, views-to-subscribers ratio, quality of calls, percentage of promotion, and more.

Besides the above-mentioned best Telegram channels for the share market, if you want to join other best stock market channels or have joined any channel and are confused about whether you should rely on it or not, then check out the below-mentioned qualities of an authentic Telegram channel:

Check Views (Not Subscribers)

Don’t judge a channel by the number of subscribers. If you search terms like ‘stock market’ or ‘intraday’ on Telegram, you’ll get a lot of channels on your screen with subscribers in the thousands. Are they good? No, most of them are manipulating the audience, and most people also get fooled by measuring the authenticity of a channel by the number of subscribers.

Instead, you should check the number of views on the posts, if views are very low compared to the number of subscribers, chances are they are fake subscribers and you’re on the wrong channel.

They Don’t Hide Failures!

Like a share never rises consistently, no matter how expert you’re at trading, you also can’t earn consistent profits without incurring losses.

Good channels don’t hide losses, they stay honest. If you see only profits in a channel without any losses, something is wrong with that channel!

Open Identity (Transparency)

An administrator of authentic channels won’t hesitate to show their identity and interact with the channel members. Kindly don’t blindly take calls or paid subscriptions from a channel that doesn’t provide you with a way to contact or message them.

Proper Stop-loss and Target

I see a lot of options trading Telegram channels that share calls without an SL and mention it as paid, which is not a good thing to do, and you should never take these calls. First things first, options are risky, and without SL, they’re even riskier.

A good Telegram channel for trading won’t give calls without SL and targets, they would never want their subscribers to suffer losses.

They Like to Share Their Knowledge

When you’re passionate about something, you don’t hesitate to share it with others.

Likewise, an expert trader or Telegram channel owner won’t hesitate to share their knowledge with channel members. They’ll predict the levels of stocks and indices and freely share them with you.

No or Minimal Stress on Paid Services

The main aim of a good stock market Telegram Channel’s goal is to build a personal brand by sharing expert knowledge so that they don’t have to ask people to buy paid services; rather, people ask them to provide paid personalized services.

Channels that push you to buy paid services might not be good.


Is Telegram good for the stock market?

Yes, definitely! Telegram is a great platform for stock market enthusiasts. There are loads of channels sharing insights, tips, and trading advice. It’s like a virtual stock market classroom.

Which telegram channel is SEBI registered for stock market?

Well, there’s no universal SEBI registration for Telegram channels, but you can find channels where the analysts themselves are SEBI registered. It’s a smart move to stick with channels that have certified experts steering the ship. Check out the top 10 SEBI-Registered Telegram Channels.

Who is the best trader on Telegram?

There’s no single “best” trader since there are many skilled folks out there. For instance, Neeraj Dixit of NRJ Finance, Seema Jain of StockPro, and Kapil Verma of Stock Gainers are the best traders on Telegram.

Bottom Line

I hope you have found the best telegram channel for the stock market among the above-listed telegram channels. I recommend everybody, especially beginners, join the above channels instead of trading on their own without a proper strategy.

Still confused? Contact us to know which channel is best for your trading or investing needs.

Do you provide stock market tips on Telegram?
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Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only, contact your financial advisor before trading.