15+ Best BankNifty Telegram Channels [100% Free]

If you trade in Bank Nifty options, you can earn huge profits in a day and also can incur heavy losses if you don’t have knowledge or follow expert advice.

BankNifty Telegram Channels are great sources of expert BankNifty options trading tips. But, it can be overwhelming for you to find the best bank nifty option tips providers in India that provide bank nifty call put options tips with 100% accuracy.

Stocks Time Telegram Channel for Intraday Stock Tips

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That’s why I have put together some best Telegram channels for bank nifty options that provide bank nifty sure shot calls on telegram for FREE!

Best Telegram Channels for BankNifty Trading [Free Tips]

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Profits EverydayView Channel
2. Honest Stock MarketerView Channel
3. Vision Options TradingView Channel
4. TradeOnomicsView Channel
5. Stocks Time [SEBI Registered]View Channel
6. Intraday TipsView Channel
7. Bombay TradersView Channel
8. BankNifty MastersView Channel
9. Stock GainersView Channel
Best Telegram Channels for BankNifty Options

Some people only trade in Index Options at NSE – Nifty 50 and Bank Nifty.

As the name suggests BankNifty consists of all popular banking stocks in India like HDFC Bank, SBI, ICICI, AXIS, KOTAK, and others.

I don’t know why but BankNifty is the most popular index for options trading in India and some free best stock market channels on Telegram specifically provide free BankNifty calls.

Here are the 10 best Telegram channels for Bank Nifty Options tips:

1. Profits Everyday

Channel Link

Profits Everyday is among the best Telegram channels for BankNifty and stock options because they specialize in providing analysis-based tips on options trading. They post one options call daily for free. Within a short time, the channel has gained 10k+ active subscribers.

You will not only get sure-shot options calls but also updates on when to book profit and exit a trade. They also provide premium services at cost-effective prices. They claim to recover membership fees within 2-3 trades.


  • Free; paid services
  • Cost-effective premium services
  • Proper targets and stop loss
  • Small stop-loss and big targets
  • Capital requirements are 25-35k
  • Personalized support over Telegram

2. Honest Stock Marketer

Channel Link

Honest Stock Marketer is one of the most active channels on Telegram for BankNifty Trading with 10K+ subscribers. Along with tips, they also provide regular updates on calls and tell safe-players to book profit on time.

They provide hero-zero expiry special jackpot free bank nifty call every Thursday. Furthermore, you will get market analysis and predictions on this channel. Along with 1-2 free trading calls, they also provide premium services through WhatsApp that include stock and commodity stock tips as well.


  • 1-2 free intraday options calls
  • Capital required: 20-30k
  • Expiry special hero-zero BankNifty call
  • Cost-effective premium subscription

3. Vision Options Trading

Channel Link

As the name suggests, Vision Trading is a Telegram channel dedicated to options trading. The reason why we liked this channel is their expertise and passion to help people earn from the stock market.

Unlike many channels, they provide one free banknifty or stock options tip daily with proper SL and guidance. You should definitely join this channel if you’re an options trader or want to start your journey.

First, test their free calls for a few days and you will have a sense of their expertise in options and banknifty trading. Then, you can opt for their paid plans to get personalized services and 3-4 option calls daily.


  • Free; Paid Services
  • Capital required: 15-25k
  • Up to 98% accuracy
  • Around 11k active subscribers
  • 7-10k daily estimated profit

4. TradeOnomics

Channel Link

TradeOnomics is the best Telegram Channel for BankNifty options trading as they provide options tips with proper stop-loss, targets, and high accuracy for FREE.

In the free plan, you will get one or two intraday option tips daily, whereas, 4-5 trades in the premium plan with personalized support (which can be joined through a minimal fee or opening a referred Demat account).


  • 2-3 free options trading calls daily with high accuracy
  • Both index and stock option calls
  • Stocks and BankNifty chart Analysis on Instagram
  • Premium membership is also available

5. Stocks Time [SEBI Registered]

Channel Link

In BankNifty trading, timing is what matters! Stocks Time is a Telegram channel run by SEBi Registered research analysts that provide tips with high accuracy, making it one of the best intraday tips providers in India.

They provide a variety of intraday tips including Nifty & Bank Nifty options, swing, and stock intraday calls. They also offer personalized services to interested who trade often and wish to learn pro trading.


  • SEBI-Registered
  • Free Intraday trades
  • Proper stop loss and targets
  • Amazing customer service

6. Intraday Tips

Channel Link

As the name suggests, Intraday Tips is a Telegram Channel dedicated to intraday trading. The channel is run by experts who post 1-2 Banknifty options calls daily based on technical analysis.

Along with making profits, you will also learn a lot about options trading and other types of intraday trading. Best of all, Intraday Tips is a completely free channel with over 65k+ subscribers.


  • Free sure-shot bank nifty, options, cash, and commodity calls
  • Learn intraday trading from basic to advance
  • Small capital requirement
  • Trusted by over 65k+ subscribers

7. Bombay Traders

Channel Link

Specialized in Banknifty trading, Bombay Traders is an emerging bank nifty channel on Telegram. They are loved for their sure-shot banknifty calls with big targets and small stop losses, for FREE!

Within a short time, the channel has gained 3000+ active subscribers. Along with one demo/free call daily, they also offer premium services to interested traders.


  • 1 free banknifty call daily
  • Up to 90% accuracy
  • Big targets with small stop loss
  • Small capital required

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8. BankNifty Masters

Channel Link

BankNifty Masters is one of the most popular Telegram channels trusted by around 40k active subscribers. They provide expert views on BankNifty and Stock options daily along with 1-2 sure-shot calls.

As per the Admin, their prime motto is to educate both beginners and experienced traders and help them earn profits through options trading. One thing that we liked about this channel is that they provide regular updates on calls given in the channel – whether to exit a trade or book profit.

They also provide paid services to interested traders along with free knowledge and views on the Telegram channel.


  • 1-2 free BankNifty calls daily
  • Up to 85% Accuracy
  • Transparent reports on P&L daily
  • Small capital requirement
  • Personalized support for premium members

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9. Stock Gainers

Channel Link

Stock Gainers - SEBI Registered Research Analyst Telegram Channel

Stock Gainers are SEBI-registered research analysts who run a renowned and must-join BankNifty Telegram Channel. Not only trading and Banknifty tips, but they also provide portfolio management services if you’re a busy person.


  • 7-8 Free sure-shot bank nifty, options, cash, and commodity calls
  • Learn the stock market from basic to advance with a special Millennium course
  • Both premium and free options tips
  • Trusted by over 60k+ subscribers

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10. Disciplined Trading

If you’re looking for a simple Telegram channel for banknifty trading, this channel is for you! On Disciplined Trading, you will get one highly accurate BankNifty call early in the morning (9 to 10 AM) daily with open targets (and no stop-loss).

Even though they do not provide banknifty calls with stop-loss for free, their calls are of high accuracy and you can earn profits if have a decent knowledge of banknifty trading.


  • One sure-shot banknifty options call daily for free
  • Provides both free and premium services
  • Simple channel with less communication

11. Shree Ganesh Trading & Investments

This is another uncomplicated Telegram channel for bank nifty option trading. You will get one best banknifty tips early in the morning with proper targets (and stop-loss if you join their premium membership).

Not only calls but you will get updates on the tips provided – whether to book profit or trail the stop-loss!

Sounds great, right? Let’s have a look at the features:


  • One sure-shot bank nifty call for free daily
  • Daily trading and investment ideas in the premium group
  • Just open an IIFL Demat account and get the premium membership for free
  • BTST and Positional trading tips for free

Other Best BankNifty Options Telegram Channels

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Trade with RS (index options)t.me/tradeonimics
2. Nifty F&O Traderst.me/NiftyFnOofficial
3. Discipline Traderst.me/disciplinedtrading
4. Usha’s Analysist.me/ushasanalysis
5. Bulls Bears Traderst.me/bullsbearstraders
Best Options Trading Telegram Channels in India

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Which is the best stock market channel on Telegram?

Some Dos and Don’ts of Options Trading


  • Only take calls given by analysts and experts.
  • Follow stop loss and targets strictly.
  • Expect a loss in options as much as you expect profits.
  • Take and test demo calls before subscribing to paid services.
  • Consistently watch an option call after taking it.
  • Be patient.


  • Don’t trade on your own.
  • Don’t invest all your capital in one call.
  • Don’t take multiple calls at the same time.
  • Don’t greed and exit once the target is achieved.
  • Don’t expect huge profits in options trading.

Bottom Line

Options trading is much different than equity stock trading. In options, you can double or triple your money in a few hours and can also lose all of your capital at the same time. While in stocks, there are very minimal chances that you’ll lose all of your capital.

That’s why newbies should not trade on their own. And Telegram is a great and free platform where you can connect with expert stock market analysts and take advantage of their expertise. Some of the channels that I have mentioned above also offer paid option calls and personalized services, and you can rely on them, you’ll recover the fees within a few trading sessions by taking their calls.

Note: Trading in the stock market involves risk and the above channels are for knowledge and education purposes only. Contact your financial advisor before trading.

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