35+ Best Telegram Channels For Books Lovers [2023]

Book reading is a great hobby, and mobile devices have become a prominent way to read eBooks. Telegram is a useful platform where you can access any sort of file and knowledge. Whether you want books or stock market tips, Telegram channels can help.

But finding free eBook sources online is burdensome. Don’t worry! Today, I will tell you the best telegram channels for eBooks and audiobooks.

I have personally tested hundreds of Telegram book channels and then listed the most active and authoritative Telegram channels for books.

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So, let’s get started.

eBooks Telegram Channels

1. English Books Magazines Novels

open library Telegram Channel

Best English books, novels, and magazines for all!

Channel Link


eBooks Telegram Channel

Legendary and world-famous books as well as very rare old books. Good scans and original ebooks (DjVu and PDF formats)

Channel Link

3. Novels Books Comics Pdf Free

novels telegram channel

Free eBooks, Novels, and Comics pdfs in high quality

Channel Link

4. Amazon Kindle and eBooks

amazon kindle books telegram channel

Here you will get all Amazon books and eBooks in PDF format, which will be totally free of charge.

Channel Link

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5. A Complete Library

eBooks and novels Telegram Channel

Novels, eBooks, and all magazines National and international books are available in pdf format.

Channel Link

6. Hindi Novels and Comics

hindi books Telegram Channel

Hindi Telegram Channel for eBooks, novels, and comics

Channel Link

7. Books: Top, Summary, and Self-Help

Book Summary Telegram Channel

What if you could take only important information from hundreds of useful books? Only the essence!

Channel Link

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8. Tamil pdf books

Tamil Books Telegram Channel

PDF eBook download links are available in the Tamil language.

Channel Link

9. मराठी पुस्तके pdf

Marathi Books Telegram Channel

Telegram channel for Marathi books

Channel Link

10. Telugu books n magazines

Telegram Channel for Telugu Books

All types of eBooks and magazines in Telugu

Channel Link

11. Fiction Land

Find your next favorite book in Fiction Land.📚

Channel Link

12. Pdf Basket

Pdfbasket is a FREE Exam Preparation Channel and helps you prepare for various competitive exams like:

  • UPSC Civil Services and UPPSC exam preparation
  • GATE, RRB NTPC exam preparation
  • IBPS, RBI and SSC exam preparation

Channel Link

13. ⓔBooks for IAS

ebooks for UPSC Telegram Channel

❝When it comes to preparing for the UPSC exam, having all the study material in one place is a must. So, along with that, there are books recommended on the channel which are really helpful for your preparation.❞

Channel Link

14. UPSC Prelims 2022

UPSC Prelims Telegram Channel

Class Notes and Test Series for the UPSC Prelims Exam

Channel Link

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15. UPSC Mains GS Books and Notes

UPSC Mains Telegram Channel

Telegram Channels for UPSC Mains Exam Preparation

Channel Link

16. UPSC Prelims Test Series

UPSC Prelims test series

UPSC Prelims 2023: An Initiative to Provide UPSC Prelims 2023 Paid Test Series for Free 👉 All IAS Prelims 2023 Test Series from renowned coachings. 👉 Prelims Previous Year Paper.

Channel Link

17. UPSC Test Series

UPSC test series Telegram Channel

👉 Here we collect Only Test Series of All UPSC Exams.

👉 You will get Previous Year Questions of UPSC IAS Exams too.

✅ 350+ Prelims ✅ 300+ Mains ✅ 250+ Optionals ✅ 500+ UPSC🏆

Channel Link

18. eBook Room

eBook Room Telegram Channel

Get interesting eBooks for book readers on a regular basis.

Channel Link

19. English books for kids 🧚‍♀👼

Telegram Channel for Kids

Downloadable PDFs for your child’s mental growth

Channel Link

20. Self-Help [ Books4U ]

Self Help Books Telegram Channel

Also known as Books for Life, this channel can help you find self-help books that will help you deal with life problems.

Channel Link


Telegram Channel for Self Help Books

This is THE FIRST AND OLDEST SELF HELP BOOKS channel on telegram

Channel Link


Free eBooks in PDF for UPSC Exams

Channel Link

23. GATE EXAM BOOKS & Material

GATE Exam Books Telegram Channel

GATE Exam: Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Mechanical, Electrical, Etc.

Channel Link

24. eBooks & Magazines for Civil-services ☑️

ebooks for Civil Services

eBooks and magazines are exclusive to the civil service.

Channel Link


Telegram Channel for Personality Development

Built specially for Personality Development, this channel is purely for educational purposes.

Channel Link

26. Books on Personality Development

 Personality Development Books Telegram Channel

A Library of Non-Fiction

Channel Link

27. 🔞 Fiction Land 18+

Fiction Books Telegram Channel

🔞 Books that are not appropriate for minors are posted on this channel.

Channel Link

28. Non-Fiction Business eBooks

Books for Business Telegram Channel

You will find both fiction and non-fiction here.

Channel Link

30. Books Bag Pro

Books Bag Pro channel

A collection of premium books.

Channel Link

31. Books Bag

Books Bag Official Telegram Channel

Educational, self-help, and development books only

Channel Link

Audio Books Telegram Channels


💎Our motto:
● Develop a reading habit
● Make The World A Better Place

Channel Link

2. English Audio Books

English Audio Books Telegram Channel

We are so busy reading these days. Here, we are trying to put out a new audiobook every week.

Channel Link

3. Tamil Audio Books

Tamil AudioBooks Telegram Channel

Telegram Channel for Audio Books in the Tamil Language

Channel Link

4. Audible Suno

Audible Audiobooks Telegram Channel

Audiobook, self-help audiobook, stories from Audible, Audible Suno, Spotify, Arre, and Podcasts. If you like the content, please share it with friends and family.

Disclaimer: All the contents are taken from the Telegram app.

Channel Link

5. Audible (selected)

Audible Selected Books Telegram Channel

Books in audio format!

Channel Link

6. Audio Book Classics

Audiobook Classic Channel

Find your favorite audiobooks in one place.

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who can’t read!

Channel Link

7. Audio Books Archive

Audio books Archive Telegram Channel

Rated #1 audio book channel
Largest audiobook collection in Telegram.

Channel Link

8. Oxford Bookworms Collection

Oxford bookworms Telegram Channel

Oxford Bookworms Collection and Unabridged English Audiobooks

Channel Link

How to Download Books From Telegram App

  1. Open the Telegram App
  2. Tap on Search and enter the name of your desired book or category
  3. Open a favorable Telegram Channel
  4. Find the eBook download link and tap on it

Tip: You can also search for your favorite book on a Telegram channel.

Read our detailed guide on how to download movies from Telegram to know the full process; it’s quite similar.


There are numerous benefits to reading books, and e-readers and mobile devices have become easy sources of book reading.

Telegram channels are a great free source of eBooks and audiobooks.

So, don’t pay for online services like Amazon Kindle because you can access almost every book on Telegram; you need to spend a few minutes to find the book you want.

The above-listed Telegram Book Channels are the most active and authoritative out of all, with no spam. If you have skipped them, have a look at them again.

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    • same for me … “little girls” I’ve read the published 20 pages on ggl now I’m searching everywhere to read the rest… I’ve searched tg channels as well…but none of them have uploaded it …ugh..! help me please ..if you’ve any other way or link etc


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