Which Telegram Channel is Best For Intraday Trading? [2021]

Best Telegram Channels For Intraday Trading Tips Calls

Intraday trading can help you earn huge money in a short period but most people end up losing their capital. Why? Lack of proper knowledge and guidance!

Telegram is a hub of stock market knowledge where experts give free stock market calls and tips through Telegram channels and groups. But there are thousands of stock market Telegram channels for day trading and options trading on the app that call themselves experts and give calls and tips. How to identify the best share market channels? Which stock market channels should you join?

In this post, I have listed 15+ Best Telegram Channels For Intraday Trading that will share free expert tips and calls.

Disclaimer: Trading in the share market involves risk, trade on your own, and the below channels are for educational purposes, I will not be liable for any loss incurred.

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Best Intraday Trading Telegram Channels India

You must have heard people saying that day trading is risky and you should not do it often. But I completely disagree with this. Yeah, you have to square off the trade at the end of the day but that doesn’t mean it’s risky and you shouldn’t do it.

Free Telegram channels for intraday tips

The mistake newbie traders often do is that they trade on their own without any target or stop loss, and lose their capital. Intraday Trading is mainly based on technical analysis and anticipation which comes with knowledge and experience. That’s why you should follow experts.

Below are some top Telegram channels that will give you free intraday tips, equity, options, and cash calls.

Channel LinkChannel Name
1. Jᴀᴄᴋᴘᴏᴛ TʀᴀᴅᴇX 🚀t.me/JackpotTradeX
2. StockPro®️Official (Day Trading)t.me/StockPro_Official_BankNifty
3. NSE Intraday ✅t.me/nifty_50_stocks
4. Trade Paradise 🌻t.me/tradeparadise
5. Flash Stock 🎯t.me/flashstock05
6. Intraday Equity Tradet.me/IntradayEquityTrade
7. NRJ Finance (Intraday and BTST calls)t.me/nrjfinance
Telegram Channels/Groups For Intraday Trade

👉 More Telegram Channels for Intraday Equity & Option Calls

Telegram Channels For Free Intraday Tips

An Intraday trader knows when to exit before entering a trade!

Best Telegram Channels For Intraday Trading And Tips

Do you want to learn how to trade in the stock market? When to enter and exit a trade? How to read charts and do the technical analysis?

Below are some good stock market Telegram channels that will provide you with free Intraday tips, knowledge, and updates:

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Jackpot Trading Academyt.me/jackpot_trading
3. Stock Pro Academy 📈t.me/StockPro_Academy
4. NRJ Financet.me/nrjfinance
5. Valuerupee- Sebi Registeredt.me/valuerupee
6. +FundAcademyt.me/plusfundacademy
7. Intraday Indicator Tipst.me/intraday_best_tips
Top Free Intraday Trading Tips Telegram Channels

Telegram Channels For BTST Trading

BTST stands for “But Today Sell Tomorrow”, which is quite similar to intraday trading. In simple words, btst trading a sort of trading where you buy shares today and sell them the next day or before the shares get delivered or settled in your Demat account.

Bank Nifty, Intraday, Swing Calls Telegram Channel

BTST trades are less risky compared to Intraday trades because you can choose to take delivery of shares instead of selling the shares the next day.

Below are some best Telegram channels for expert BTST calls and tips:

Channel NameChannel Link
1. Flash Stock Tradert.me/flashstock
2. BTST Calls Paradiset.me/btst_tradeparadise
5. NSE INTRADAY TRADER GROUPt.me/Cashpickindiantarder
Telegram Channels For Free BTST Calls & Trades

Some Intraday Trading Tips for Beginners

  • Don’t trade on your own (only take calls from experts).
  • Don’t take calls without ‘target’ and ‘stop-loss’.
  • Don’t invest all of your capital in a single trade.
  • Follow targets and stop-loss strictly.
  • Be patient and don’t expect huge profits in a short time.
  • Don’t judge the quality of a stock market Telegram channel with the number of subscribers.

Do you own or manage a stock market Telegram channel? If yes, share the link below.

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