12 Free Stock Market Telegram Groups India!

Hey, traders and investors, imagine having a direct line to a community of experienced market players, all passionately discussing investment and trading tips.

Well, guess what? In India, over 2.5 million enthusiasts are already part of the best Stock Market Telegram Groups, where insights flow like a river.

These aren’t your average groups; they’re like treasure chests of financial wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rookie, these 12 best Telegram groups for the Indian stock market offer a front-row seat to market trends, hot stocks, and strategies that can turn the tides of your investments.

Get ready to dive into the pulse of India’s stock market – it’s time to join the conversation and elevate your trading game!

List of Best Telegram Groups For Stock Market (Free Tips)

Group NameGroup link
1. My Billion Tradet.me/Banknifty_calls_MyBillionTrade
2. SS BankNifty Tradest.me/Banknifty_trade_intraday_ss
3. Sure Means Suret.me/SureMeansSuree
4. Nrj Financet.me/nrjfinance
5. Vision Tradingt.me/Vision_Optiontrading
6. Vijay wealth advisort.me/vijaywealthofficial2020
7. Valuerupee – SUNIL BEHKIt.me/valuerupee
8. Stock Market Updatest.me/marketnewsforlearning
9. Stocktwits Indiat.me/stocktwitsindia
10. Tradr FREE Analysist.me/Elite_traders_bull
11. Patel Wealtht.me/PATELWEALTH
12. Stock Phoenixt.me/StockPhoenix
Best Telegram Groups For Indian Stock Market (Free Calls)

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1. My Billion Trade

Group Link ↗️

Looking for precision in your trades? My Billion Trade has got your back. Offering a wealth of free trading tips accompanied by spot-on entry levels, this group ensures you stay ahead in the game. But that’s not all—dive into a treasure trove of educational video content that equips you with the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Brace yourself for live trading webinars that bring the excitement of the market straight to your screen. And for those in search of the next big thing, My Billion Trade consistently serves up multi-bagger stock suggestions. It’s more than just trading; it’s your pathway to potential success.

2. SS BankNifty Trades

Group Link ↗️

Ready to trade BankNifty like a pro? SS Bank Nifty Trades has your daily fix. Expect precise trades complete with clear-cut targets, entry points, and stop-loss markers. Be it BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) trades or live market guidance, this group keeps you in the loop with insights that matter. Ever dreamed of decoding the world of BankNifty? With daily analysis sessions, you’ll understand the rhythm of this market like never before. If BankNifty is your arena, consider this group your ultimate playbook.

3. Sure Means Sure

Group Link ↗️

In a fast-paced market, surety is gold. Enter Sure Means Sure – your source for free daily calls that you can count on. With 2-3 carefully curated calls each day, you’re armed with the ammunition you need to navigate the stock market terrain. Get real-time access to market information and let the low capital requirement play in your favor.

Plus, for those intrigued by stock options, this group provides a platform to delve into this intriguing facet of trading. When confidence meets opportunity, success is surely on the horizon.

4. NRJ Finance

Group Link ↗️

From swift gains to long-term bets, NRJ Finance is your compass in the investment landscape. Embark on a daily journey of investment ideas, handpicked and ripe for exploration. Whether you’re a fan of the fast-paced world of positional trading or looking to nurture long-term investments, this group caters to all tastes.

With a mix of insights and updates, NRJ Finance keeps you informed and engaged, making your investment journey more dynamic and informed.

5. Vision Trading

Group Link ↗️

The future of trading lies within your grasp with Vision Trading. Offering a unique blend of both free and paid services, this group caters to traders at every level. With a modest capital requirement of 15-25k, you’ll gain access to insights that hold up to a staggering 98% accuracy rate.

With over 11k active subscribers, Vision Trading thrives on a bustling community, all seeking the thrill of an estimated 7-10k daily profit. Join the league of profit-makers and visionaries with Vision Trading.

6. Vijay Wealth Advisor™

Group Link ↗️

Unlock the doors to premium trading guidance with Vijay Wealth Advisor™. More than just a group, it’s a team of trading maestros, investors, and advisors, all driven by the passion to see you succeed. Joining their premium membership is as easy as opening a trading account through their link.

What’s in store? A treasure trove of perks: from nifty & bank nifty calls to intraday and positional advice, free tips, and market updates. With high accuracy and lightning-fast entry and exit strategies, Vijay Wealth Advisor™ is your route to wealth and wisdom.

7. Valuerupee – SUNIL BEHKI

Group Link ↗️

When SEBI registration meets trading finesse, you get Valuerupee by Sunil Behki. Swing trading, intraday insights, and free advice converge to create a space where knowledge meets action. With a seasoned trader at the helm, you’re in for a ride through the intricacies of the market. Valuerupee is not just about stock tips; it’s a journey towards informed decisions and calculated gains.

8. Stock Market Updates

Group Link ↗️

Stay ahead of the financial curve with Stock Market Updates. Here, it’s not just about the news; it’s about honing your market acumen. From global finance news to tried-and-true suggestions, this group delivers a knowledge-packed experience.

Live trading sessions unravel the mysteries of trading strategies, while high accuracy advice keeps you in the know. Whether you’re an aspiring trader or seasoned investor, Stock Market Updates is your compass for navigating the financial universe.

9. Stocktwits India

Group Link ↗️

When it comes to a community that’s alive with the pulse of trading, Stocktwits India takes the spotlight. As the leading hub for investors and traders, it’s where wisdom meets action. Delving into the realm of BankNifty options trading, they serve up a daily dose of options tips complete with stop-loss, targets, and an impressive accuracy rate, all for free.

Found across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, Stocktwits India’s reach is unmatched. With low capital requirements, trading ideas aplenty, and a dedicated market watchlist, it’s your ticket to a more informed trading journey.

10. Tradr FREE Analysis

Group Link ↗️

Simplifying stock trading is Tradr FREE Analysis’s forte. This channel is tailor-made for those seeking substantial profits and expert insights. With a supportive community of 1.3k+ active subscribers, their high accuracy and well-defined entry and exit strategies bring results. Nifty & bank nifty calls, intraday tips, and stock options recommendations are all part of the package. If straightforward, well-supported trading is your goal, Tradr FREE Analysis is the answer.

11. Minish Patel 3MP

Group Link ↗️

A research analyst with a remarkable 27 years of experience, Minish Patel 3MP is your guru for all things stock market. Authenticated knowledge, insightful tips, and educational content are served here. With no paid services, their commitment to sharing wisdom shines.

Free intraday calls and a unique offer to open an account for maximum calls make it a standout choice. Regular market updates and a mobile app for continuous learning sweeten the deal.

12. Stock Phoenix

Group Link ↗️

When knowledge becomes a shared treasure, magic happens. Stock Phoenix lives by this ethos, delivering live webinars that decode the stock market’s complexities. From cash intraday to forex trading, their coverage is comprehensive.

With a foundation in both fundamental and technical analysis, they offer management techniques and unique strategies that promise consistent returns. It’s not just about trading; it’s about evolving as an informed, successful trader.


And there you have it, folks! The curtain draws on our whirlwind journey through the captivating world of Stock Market Telegram Groups in India. From My Billion Trade’s precision entry levels to Stock Phoenix’s treasure trove of strategies, we’ve explored a galaxy of options to fuel your trading prowess.

Imagine the convenience of having expert tips from SS BankNifty Trades just a click away, or the assurance of Sure Means Sure’s 2-3 calls daily. The team spirit of Vijay Wealth Advisor and the knowledge-sharing philosophy of Stocktwits India paint a picture of camaraderie across these digital hubs.

With over 2.5 million minds converging in these groups, it’s not just trading; it’s a revolution in the making. From seasoned pros to market novices, everyone’s got a seat at this virtual roundtable. So, gear up to transform your market game, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and dive headfirst into a world where knowledge is the ultimate currency. The stage is set, and these Telegram groups are your VIP pass to the electrifying show that is the Indian stock market!

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