Top 7 Successful Stock Market Advisors in India [For 2023]

Success in the stock market requires you to have the right amount of knowledge, experience, planning, and of course good research

Most failed investors usually miss out on one of these required skills. This is why you should look for some of the top successful stock market advisors in India. Learning and observing some of the best stock advisory companies in India is one of the many ways to gain success in the Indian stock market. 

Especially for the new investors, looking to make it to the top, can gain a lot from expert stock market advisors in India. Understanding how and in which shares the top stock advisories are investing in, can help you eliminate the risk of losses in the market. 

Under expert advice, you can learn a lot about creating portfolios, investment patterns, and other factors that will surely help you in the long run. 

Here, we bring you the top 7 most successful stock market advisors in India who can help you in gaining success without losing out on your hard-earned money. 

#1. ABJ Finstocks – SEBI Registered Research Analyst

ABJ Finstocks is a SEBI Registered Stock Advisory from Ahmedabad Gujarat. They provide stock advisory services for long-term as well as short-term and intraday trading calls.

In investment services, they stand at an unbeatable long-term CAGR of 33% and up to 50% ROI on an annual basis in Trading, much better than Mutual Funds and most of the PMS. You can associate with them for both long-term as well as short-term trading stock advisory services for a profitable journey in the stock market.

Moreover, in long-term investment, they even provide research reports along with calls.

  • A SEBI Registered Research Analyst
  • Up to 50% ROI on an annual basis
  • Trusted by both long-term and short-term investors
  • Long-term calls with specialized research reports

#2. AssetVilla Financial Advisors

AssetVilla Financial Advisors are based in the financial capital of the country Mumbai and now has centers spread across all parts of the country.

This popular Stock Market Advisor has over 2500 satisfied customers to date. 

They offer custom solutions and advisory to their clients, based on their ultimate goals and financial situation. 

You can also get a one-stop solution for all your financial needs from experts at AssetVilla Financial Advisors. 

  • User-access control and options to track holdings and risk profiles
  • Ready to use financial plans for all kinds of customers
  • Offers dynamic and in-depth research 


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#3. CapitalVia Global Research

Chances are pretty high that you’ve known the name “CapitalVia Global Research Limited” here and there in the stock market as they are one of the oldest and most renowned stock advisories in India.

Founded back in 2006, this Mumbai-based company has been a pioneer in the stock market advisory space and to date, has served over 75000 clients with a good success track record.  

The core focus of the team at CapitalVia Global Research Limited is research and trade recommendations based on records and past trends. 

  • Offers a dedicated mobile application for a seamless client experience
  • One of the best Intraday, cash, and options trading tips providers
  • NISM certified team of researchers for stock advisory services
  • Also offers research on Malaysian stocks
  • Provides stock market updates on the Telegram channel


#4. Mister Market

There’s a reason why Mister Market is considered one of the best for beginners in the stock market

The team allows you to start investing in the business with a small amount of just Rs. 50,000. In terms of education in the investment sector, Mister Market is definitely a name you can take seriously. 

You might be surprised to know that the company had already served over 100 clients in the very first month of its existence.

  • Educating beginners is the main goal of the team
  • Safe for the new ones in the stock market
  • Available on Whatsapp as well

#5. Nitilesh Pawaskar Stock Market Advisory

Nitilesh and his team started back in 2014 when he found out that there was a sense of fear and uncertainty people had when it came to investing in the stock market. 

The team here is primarily focused on intraday future and short-term calls

Moreover, Nitilesh Pawaskar Stock Market Advisory is a SEBI-registered advisory company that won the Best Analyst and Advisor Award’ by AdvisoryMandi and Trade and Gain Company. 

  • 7+ years of stock market expert advisor
  • Training in technical analysis & options trading
  • MBA experts in the research and analysis team

Contact: 076669 09157 or email:

#6. Research and Ranking

This is a tech-enabled advisory company that was started back in 2016. Research and Ranking advisory have helped over 12000 clients across the country. 

The team comprises over 150 experts from 4 different corners of India. The team has delivered 25-30% returns in 6 to 12 months. 

  • Over 12000 clients served
  • Based in Mumbai
  • A venture of Equentis Capital


#7. Streetgains – For Retail Traders

A SEBI registered advisory with expertise in the area of both equity and commodity research, Streetgains is a firm that has been a name popular in Indian retail traders for quite a while now. 

The loyal clientele of Streetgains is very strong and in a very small period of time, it has made a mark in the business. 

Founded by expert Santhosh Kumar, the company has an “Only Pay for Successful Trades” policy that started back in 2016. 

  • Popular for its long-term investment plan advisory solutions 
  • Offers extensive guidance to clients
  • Focused on wealth-creation



These are your top 7 best stock market advisors in India. Make sure you choose the one which has a good past record and is feasible for your budget. Remember, a good investment is all about good research.

Also, make sure to observe and test the advice provided by a stock market advisor before investing. Take the free demo if they provide it. Happy Investing!

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Trading in the stock market involves risk, contact your financial advisor before trading.

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