10 Best Nifty 50 Options Trading Telegram Channels [2024]

Do you trade in Nifty 50 options? Get ready to elevate your Nifty 50 options trading game!

In this post, we handpicked the “10 Best Nifty 50 Options Trading Telegram Channels.”

These channels specialize in Nifty 50 index options trading. In fact, they helped me earn 1-2k profit daily on average.

If you want to be a successful trader, make sure to read this post completely.

Top 10 Nifty 50 Telegram Channels for Options Trading

Channel nameNo. of subscribers*Channel link
1. Kotak Securities69576t.me/KotakSecurities
2. ICICI Direct91992t.me/ICICIdirectofficial
3. Angel One Advisory382192t.me/AngelOneAdvisory
4. Nirmal Bang Official8522t.me/nirmalbangofficial
5. Centrum1255t.me/Centrumgroup
6. IIFL Securities Research54760t.me/IIFLSecResearch
7. Systematix Group Official2989t.me/systematixgroup
8. Nifty 50 Masters48132t.me/NiftyFnOofficial
9. TradeOnomics17131t.me/TradeOnomics
10. Profits Everyday32195t.me/everydayprofits
*No. of Subscribers as on March 12, 2024

1. Kotak Securities

Channel Link ↗️

kotak securities telegram channel

Owned by Kotak Group, this Telegram channel can become your key to profitable Nifty 50 options trading.

They specialize in intraday options trading and post a Nifty 50 options call daily, completely free!

Intraday options call by Kotak Securities

Not only Nifty 50, they also post calls on BankNifty, Midcap Nifty, and other NSE indices.

Key Features

  • Free options trading calls
  • Options selling strategies
  • Minimum capital required
  • Cash intraday tips
  • Stock pick of the week
  • Market analysis YouTube video
  • Clear stop-loss and targets with calls
  • Daily trade podcasts
  • Derivative research desk

2. ICICI Direct

Channel Link ↗️

ICICI Direct's Official Telegram Channel

One of my favorite telegram channels for stock and options trading!

Why? They not only give you expert trading calls but keep you updated on when to exit the trades.

ICICI Direct's Telegram channel for trading

They also suggest you to book partial profit and trail the stop-loss if needed.

Key Features

  • Nifty and stock options recommendations
  • Stock signals and positional picks
  • Key stock updates daily
  • Market opening bell session
  • Updates on Twitter
  • Nifty expiry trading live session

3. Angel One Advisory

Channel Link ↗️

Angel One's Advisory Telegram Channel

Being one of the most popular stock brokers in India, Angel One telegram channel has the most subscribers (more than 351K).

Interestingly, they have a dedicated channel for trading – Angel One Advisory consisting of over 380K subscribers.

The best thing is – they post trading calls only on this channel, nothing else.

You can join Angel One channel for stock market updates and other educational stuff.

Key Features

  • 100% free trading calls
  • Regular updates on calls posted
  • Cash intraday calls
  • Index and stock options tips
  • BTST trading ideas
  • Direct actionable links to Angel One app

4. Nirmal Bang Official

Channel Link ↗️

Nirmal Bang's Official Telegram Channel for stock tips and updates

Founded in 1986, Nirmal Bang is a reputed brokerage house that has an insightful Telegram channel for stock market enthusiasts like us.

You won’t need to join multiple channels!

From daily stock market insights to accurate Nifty 50 tips and other trade ideas, this all-in-one channel will provide you almost everything you need to know about the Indian stock market.

Key Features

  • Stocks to watch
  • Company meeting updates
  • Block deals
  • Brokerage reports
  • Positional Nifty 50 calls
  • Technical call buy recommendations
  • Commodity market updates and tips
  • IPO updates and recommendations
  • Company result analysis and summary
  • BTST stock ideas

5. Centrum

Channel Link ↗️

Centrum - A Telegram Channel for stock market trading

Do not judge this channel by its number of subscribers!

This underrated channel can be your guide to profitable trades.

They post many expert trade recommendations including index and short-term equity trades.

Furthermore, Centrum put great focus on technical charts and fundamental data. They share their expertise and analysis with charts.

Key Features

  • Nifty 50 and BankNifty trades
  • Daily stock market outlook
  • Stocks in focus
  • Pick of the week
  • Sectors to watch
  • Global market data
  • Options data
  • Securities in F&O ban
  • Technical chart analysis

6. IIFL Securities Research

Channel Link ↗️

IIFL Securities - A Telegram channel dedicated to stock and derivatives trading

A renowned name in the stock market Industry, IIFL Securities’ is one of the best Nifty 50 Telegram channels you can find.

Their daily morning mantra (a short video before the market begins) is what makes them stand out.

Along with index calls including Nifty 50, BankNifty, and FinNifty, they also post delivery buy calls.

The thing I liked the most is their transparency – every call provided in the channel mentions the name of the analyst who recommends the call.

So you can decide whose trading advice suits you the best.

Key Features

  • Morning market mantra video
  • Stock and index options tips
  • BTST stock positional calls
  • Educational webinars
  • IPO analysis and rating
  • Regular updates on calls provided
  • Provisional Fii and Dii data

7. Systematix Group Official

Channel Link ↗️

Nifty 50 trading Telegram Channel by Systematix Group

Systematix is an unpopular stock market broking company.

Like Centrum, they do not have many subscribers on their Telegram channel.

But, the Telegram channel can be really useful to you!

What do you get? Stock market updates, technical and fundamental calls, reports from their research desk, and much more!

Furthermore, their corporate action tracker makes this stock market channel a must-join.

Key Features

  • Stocks to watch
  • Dividend stocks with ex-date
  • Technical cum Fundamental calls
  • Derivatives research reports
  • Track bonus providing stocks
  • Stock pick of week
  • IPO reports

8. Nifty 50 Masters

Channel Link ↗️

Telegram channel for Nifty 50 options trading

As the name says, “Nifty 50 Masters” Telegram channel specialize in Nifty 50 options trading.

They provide free Nifty 50, BankNifty, and stock options trades daily.

Plus, they are SEBI-registered, making them trustworthy.

If you trade often, you can also join their premium channel.

Key Features

  • Free options calls
  • Up to 90% accuracy on average
  • Daily performance report
  • Premium services for interested traders
  • Start trading with just 15k
  • Personalized customer support

9. TradeOnomics

Channel Link ↗️

TradeOnomics - A premium Telegram channel for Nifty 50 trading tips

If you are into options trading, this channel is for you!

They primarily focus on Nifty 50 options tips, but they also do not ignore other NSE indices– BankNifty, FinNifty, and Nifty Midcap index.

They believe “earn money wherever you can!”

Even though they give only one tip in a day, it is highly accurate.

However, they only provide stop loss with premium calls.

Key Features

  • One free options tip daily
  • High accuracy
  • Demat account handling services
  • Midcap Nifty options tips
  • Personalized premium services on WhatsApp

10. Profits Everyday

Channel Link ↗️

Everyday Profits - A simple Telegram channel for Nifty 50 options calls

Being one of the oldest options trading channels on Telegram, Analysts at Profits Everyday specialize in intraday options trading.

They are authentic and have a reputation. 

Their name is not just Profits Everyday, they literally close in green 99% of time.

Unlike most Telegram channels, they care about your hard earned capital.

For instance, they do not provide calls when markets are not good for options traders i.e. unstable (that can wipe out your capital in one day).

Key Features

  • Free Nifty 50 F&O calls
  • Sure-shot options trades only
  • Index and stock options calls
  • Small stoploss and big targets
  • Live market updates
  • All trades with clear stoploss and targets
  • Personalized support to premium members

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Trading in securities market contains risk. Invest after consulting with your financial advisor.

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