7 Best Mi Band 4 Minimal Watch Faces

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has gained so much popularity thanks to its 0.95″ colored AMOLED display which supports unlimited watch faces.

Out of these unlimited watch faces, we have listed 7 best Mi Band 4 minimal watch faces which will soothe your eyes. Before talking about watch faces, let me ask you a question first.

What’s the main purpose of a watch? Displaying the time and date right!

So if you aren’t a fan of those rushy and complex watch faces like me then this post is for you.

All the listed Mi Band 4 watch faces are digital with a big-time display which makes them minimalist and simple. These watch faces are sourced from Reddit and amazfitwatchfaces.com

I have written detailed features of every single watch face so you can select the best out of them. So let’s get started.

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1. Half-Life Alyx

Credit: u/Elkinekt

Alyx Inspired Half-Life Watch Face, best of the all Mi Band 4 Minimal watch faces.

Those three hearts below the time enrich the look of this watch face. These hearts are not just for the look, they act as an indicator.


  • Two Versions –
    1. Hearts represent the Battery level.
    2. Hearts represent the Step Goal.
  • Full-Day and Date (dd/mm) indicators.
  • Clean white time display.
  • Language – English

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2. Google Sport

Credits: Avone

Big time display with the day and date indications. The Google Assistant animation at the bottom adds the look of this Mi Band 4 watch face. It’s just an animation and doesn’t indicate anything.


  • Big time display (24-hours format)
  • Full day indicator
  • Date indication (dd format)
  • Google Assistant animation
  • Only English Language support

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3. One+ Red Simple

Credit: Urimu

Inspired by OnePlus Ambient Display, this watch face indicates hours in red and minutes in white.

It supports heart rate and battery indicators which don’t affect its minimalism.


  • Language Support – English
  • Day and date (dd/mmm) indication
  • Battery level indicator with percentage.
  • Heart rate indicator.

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4. White and Big

Credit: pblasi

As the name says, this Watch face is all white and big. Indicates date, time and steps in a clean white format which makes it minimal.

The font of the watch face is the main highlight which makes it attractive yet simple.


  • Big time display (24 hours format)
  • Multilingual watch face
  • Displays step count at the bottom
  • Consist of date at the top (mm/dd)

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5. ERLE Minimalist

Credit: Bndkt

Despite being minimal, this watch face doesn’t compromise on functionality. Form battery level to step counter and heart rate indication, it consists of all.


  • Battery Indicator
  • Day and Date (dd/mm format)
  • Step Counter
  • Heart Rate Indicator
  • Multilingual support
  • Big time display (24 hours format)

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6. Smart Minimal

Credit: thatspeppe

This watch face is for Big Time display lovers. I don’t think you can get a big-time display like in this watch face anywhere else.

Don’t go on the look, it’s pretty functional. The Dot between the day and month also acts as a low battery indicator i.e. it turns red when the battery is low so you don’t get out of charge.

It has different versions which include heart rate or day instead of steps (check download page for more details).

Pretty big and cool, right?


  • Large font minimal design (24 hours format)
  • Step indicator with a progress bar (below time)
  • Different versions (check download page for details)
  • Also available in Red Colour
  • Low battery Indicator (dot b/w the date turns red)
  • Multilingual support

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7. Inspired Mi Band 4

Credit: _farc

The sleek font gives a minimalist look to it, I have listed this watch face in the 7 Best Mi Band 4 minimal watch faces. Similar to the Fitbit watch face.

Time, day, and date – Simple and beautiful!


  1. Language – English
  2. Sleek font
  3. Consist of Day and date

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So tell me which watch face you liked the most in the Comment below.

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