7 Best Telegram Channels For Long Term Investment [2024]

Do you invest in stocks? If not, you should.

However, finding reliable sources for long-term investment insights is crucial.

As of the latest data, a staggering 87% of investors actively seek information through social media platforms.

Telegram, with its user-friendly interface and real-time updates, has become a hotspot for seasoned investors and novices alike. But identifying the right Telegram channels is key to navigating the complexities of long-term investments.

In this post, we unveil the “7 Best Telegram Channels for Long-Term Investment,” offering unique perspectives, in-depth analysis, and timely recommendations for those aiming to build a robust financial future.

List of 7 Best Investment Telegram Groups (With Links)

1. NRJ Financet.me/nrjfinance
2. Stocktwits Indiat.me/stocktwitsindia
3. Nirmal Bang Officialt.me/nirmalbangofficial
4. Kotak Securitiest.me/KotakSecurities
5. ICICIdirectt.me/ICICIdirectofficial
6. Stock Stationst.me/stockstations
7. Centrumt.me/Centrumgroup
List of best Telegram groups/channels for long-term investment

1. NRJ Finance

NRJ Finance – Investment Telegram Channel

Curated by Neeraj Dixit, NRJ Finance is a go-to Telegram channel offering real-time market updates and positional stock investment picks. Renowned for its multibagger selections, this active and free channel supplements its insights with informational YouTube videos, providing comprehensive stock analyses with long-term targets.

Key Features

  • Free and Active: NRJ Finance is 100% free to join and stays actively engaged, ensuring timely updates.
  • Multibagger Picks: Known for its successful multibagger stock selections.
  • Real-time Analysis: Provides real-time market updates and in-depth stock analysis.
  • Positional Picks: Offers strategic insights into positional stock investments.
  • Educational Content: Complements its channel with informative YouTube videos.

2. Stocktwits India

Stocktwits Official Telegram Channel for stock market investment

Stocktwits India stands out as a verified channel, delivering investment picks from brokerage houses, sectoral performance analyses, and comprehensive market trends. With regular market news, company updates, and infographics, it provides a holistic view of the financial landscape.

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Key Features

  • Verified Status: A verified channel, ensuring reliability and authenticity.
  • Brokerage Picks: Curates investment picks from reputable brokerage houses.
  • Sectoral Performance: Offers detailed analyses of sectoral performance.
  • Comprehensive Updates: Covers market news, company updates, and infographics.
  • Multimedia Content: Provides additional insights through YouTube videos.

3. Nirmal Bang Official

Nirmal Bang Official Telegram Channel for stock investment tips and updates

Nirmal Bang Official emerges as a comprehensive source, delivering daily market updates, intraday calls, derivative insights, and free research calls. With a focus on stock fundamentals, technical buy calls, and commodity tips, it offers a diverse range of information.

Key Features

  • Diverse Insights: Covers daily market updates, intraday, derivatives, and research calls.
  • Fundamental Focus: Emphasizes stock fundamentals and technical buy calls.
  • Commodity Tips: Provides insights into the commodity market.
  • Bulk Deal Updates: Regularly updates on bulk deals in the market.
  • Market Watchlist: Offers a curated list of stocks to watch.

4. Kotak Securities

Official Telegram channel of Kotak Securities

Kotak Securities excels in delivering daily trade podcasts, market analyses via YouTube videos, and a variety of short-term and intraday trading tips. With a dedicated focus on options and derivatives, it provides a comprehensive outlook on the market.

Key Features

  • Daily Trade Insights: Offers daily trade podcasts and market analysis videos.
  • Option Strategies: Provides insights and strategies for trading in options.
  • Intraday Tips: Shares tips for short-term and intraday trades.
  • Derivative Research: Offers in-depth research and insights into derivatives.
  • IPO Alerts: Keeps subscribers informed about upcoming IPOs.

5. ICICIdirect

ICICI Direct – Telegram channel for stock tips and investment

ICICIdirect stands out with its daily key stock updates, market-opening YouTube videos, and a commitment to 100% transparency. Known for momentum and gladiator picks, it ensures a spam-free environment while providing live streams on market happenings.

Key Features

  • Transparency: Guarantees 100% transparency in its communications.
  • Momentum and Gladiator Picks: Identifies momentum stocks and high-conviction picks.
  • Live Streams: Engages the audience with live streams on market activities.
  • No Spam: Ensures a clutter-free channel without unnecessary spam.
  • Options Calls: Provides insights and calls on stock and index options.

6. Stock Stations

Stock stations – an all-in-one Telegram channel for investment ideas

Stock Stations, known for its engaging content, delivers company result reviews, chart-based stock picks, market updates, and valuable infographics. With a focus on various market aspects, including MCX tips, it provides a well-rounded perspective.

Key Features

  • Engaging Content: Stands out for its captivating and interactive content.
  • Chart Analysis: Offers stock picks backed by detailed chart analysis.
  • Company Result Reviews: Provides in-depth reviews of company results.
  • Market Updates: Regularly updates on various market happenings.
  • Infographics: Enhances understanding through visually appealing infographics.

7. Centrum

Centrum Telegram Group – short-term and long-term investment tips

Centrum emerges as a versatile channel, presenting fund house recommendations, daily market outlooks, and insights into global markets. With short-term and long-term investment tips, it offers a holistic approach to investment decisions.

Key Features

  • Fund House Recommendations: Shares recommendations from reputed fund houses.
  • Global Market Updates: Keeps subscribers informed about global market trends.
  • Sectoral Focus: Provides insights into promising sectors to watch.
  • High Conviction Picks: Offers tips backed by high conviction.
  • Weekly Market Outlook: Keeps subscribers updated with a weekly market outlook.


As we conclude our exploration of these seven stellar Telegram channels for long-term investment, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the world of finance is at our fingertips, and these channels are the treasure maps guiding us through its complexities.

From NRJ Finance’s multibagger stocks to Centrum’s stock market insights, each channel offers a unique blend of expertise and guidance.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dipping your toes into the financial waters, these channels provide invaluable resources to help you navigate the ever-changing tides of the market.

So, join the conversation, stay informed, and let’s embark on this investment journey together!

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