15 Best Intraday Tips Providers in India [100% Free]


Intraday trading can help you earn huge money in a short period but most people end up losing their capital.

Why? Lack of proper knowledge and stock advice!

Thankfully, many good experts provide free intraday tips for the Indian stock market. But finding the best share market tips providers can be tough for you.

That’s why I have listed the 15 best intraday stock tips providers in India:

Top 5 Intraday Tips Providers in India

You might have heard people saying – intraday trading is risky and you should not do it.

But I completely disagree with this. Indeed, you have to square off the trade at the end of the day but that doesn’t mean it’s risky.

Intraday Trading is mainly based on technical analysis and anticipation which comes with knowledge and experience. That’s why you should follow experts.

These are some best stock market experts that will give you free tips for intraday trading:

Intraday Tips ProvidersLink to Broadcast
1. Honest Stock Marketert.me/honeststockmarketer
2. The Alpha Research⚡t.me/thealpharesearch
3. BankNifty Masters 📈t.me/NiftyFnOofficial
4. Earn with Passion (stock options)t.me/earn_wth_passion
5. Bull’s Thrivet.me/BullsThrive
Free Intraday Stock Tips Providers

Best Option Trading Tips Provider

Options Trading is way different from stock trading. Options’ prime motive is to provide hedging to investors but people often trade in them to earn huge profits in short term.

But if options trading was that easy, every trader would have been rich today. However, you can earn decent profits following expert future and options tips.

Below are some best free options tips providers that give free Bank Nifty tips on Telegram:

Options Tips ProvidersLink to Broadcast
1. TradeOnomics ✅t.me/TradeOnomics
2. Shree Tech Analysist.me/shreetechanalysis
3. Nifty FnO Official $ t.me/NiftyFnOofficial
4. Stock Optionst.me/earn_wth_passion
5. The Options Clubt.me/optionsclub
List of Free Options Trading Tips Providers

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Best SEBI Registered Intraday Tips Provider

SEBI registered research analysts are experienced financial advisors certified by the stock exchange board of India (SEBI).

Despite a very small amount of SEBI-certified stock advisors in India, there are some renowned SEBI-registered professionals who provide stock tips for free.

Below are the top 5 SEBI registered Intraday tips providers and links to their Telegram groups:

Registered Tips ProvidersTelegram Link
1. StockPro®️ Officialt.me/StockPro_Official_BankNifty
2. Eqwires Research Analystst.me/eqwires
3. Minish Patel Wealtht.me/PATELWEALTH
4. Valuerupee [Sebi Registered]t.me/valuerupee
5. Equity99 [Free Stock Tips]t.me/equity99
SEBI Registered Stock Tips Providers in India

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Intraday Trading Advice for Beginners:

  • Don’t trade on your own (only take calls from experts).
  • Don’t take calls without ‘target’ and ‘stop-loss’.
  • Don’t invest all of your capital in a single trade.
  • Follow targets and stop-loss strictly.
  • Be patient and don’t expect huge profits in a short time.
  • Don’t judge the quality of a stock market Telegram channel with the number of subscribers.

Note: Trading involves risk and the channels listed in this post are for educational purposes only.

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